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Question 1

Michael is a long-distance runner. He is preparing for a marathon. A radio reporter interviews Michael after the marathon. The interview is used for a podcast. Michael uploads the podcast to his blog. Some people cannot access the podcast. State two causes of unequal access to ICT.
  • Being bald
  • Affordability
  • Remote location
  • Being disabled

Question 2

" Layla has a new netbook Layla would like to use VoIP on her netbook to keep in touch with her cousin in Canada. (i) State one piece of equipment she will need to make calls.
  • Phone
  • USB cable
  • Headphones/speakers
  • Ethernet cable

Question 3

Most of Layla's friends have computers at home. She finds that she cannot use VoIP to call some of them. Give two possible reasons for this.
  • No broadband in the area
  • Her computer doesn't have inbuilt microphone
  • Her computer has no soundcard
  • Computer not set up with VOIP

Question 4

Amy owns AMYSCLOTHES.com. It sells a range of clothes and accessories from different suppliers. Zain is redesigning the AMYSCLOTHES.com website. The AMYSCLOTHES.com website will use a range of accessibility features. State two accessibility features that could be used in the website.
  • Screen reader
  • Use Comic Sans font
  • Resizable fonts
  • A screen reader is audio added to the page that reads text out loud.

Question 5

Give two reasons why AMYSCLOTHES.com should use accessibility features in its website.
  • Appeal to more people
  • It’s a legal requirement
  • Online shopping is very suitable for disabled people, so sites should cater for them

Question 6

Katherine creates digital products for young children. She is developing an e-book about Medieval England. Katherine wants to ensure that her e-books are accessible. Identify two accessibility features she could use.
  • Transcripts for video (text of what the video says)
  • Zoom feature
  • Volume control
  • Different size pictures

Question 7

Explain why Katherine needs to use accessibility features in her e-books.
  • To make sure all contents is accesible to all people
  • Its more profitable to do this
  • She has to comply with the Disability discrimination act.
  • She has a moral right to

Question 8

Katherine is adding audio to her e-book. One type of audio Katherine could use is sound effects. Give two other types of audio she could use.
  • Playlist
  • Soundtack
  • Voiceover

Question 9

Identify one local storage device, other than a DVD or CD drive, that could be used for backups of video?
  • PSP
  • Local hard drive
  • Blue ray disk drive
  • The local hard drive is the one inside the computer and so would not be used as a back up. You could use an external hard drive as well if this was an option

Question 10

Mitch could use online storage for his video files. Give two advantages of using online storage rather than DVD.
  • Its more profitable to do this
  • Can access video files from anywhere with internet
  • Its not as time consuming as burning a DVD
  • Don't need to buy extra storage (e.g. more DVDs) / online storage is free

Question 11

Give 2 reasons why a blu-ray disc will not play on a DVD player.
  • It's more complicated
  • It costs more
  • Uses a different laser to read the disc
  • Not compatible

Question 12

Michael is a long-distance runner. He is preparing for a marathon. He uses a Bluetooth health monitor. Michael uses Bluetooth to transfer data from the health monitor to his tablet computer. Give 2 reasons he might use Bluetooth rather than infrared for this transfer.
  • No need for line of sight / Infrared blocked by objects in path
  • Blue tooth is more cost effective
  • Bluetooth is faster
  • Infrared is dangerous to his health

Question 13

BB Broadband offers 'unlimited' monthly usage. State what this means.
  • It means you can only download a certain amount of data per month
  • It means you can access the net with as many devices as you wish
  • It means that you can have as many accounts as you want
  • It means that you can have unlimited downloads per month

Question 14

Describe how Ryan could share his phone's mobile broadband connection with Michael's tablet computer without using cables.
  • Set up the phone as a router/hotspot using Wi-fi
  • Use Bluetooth to connect the 2 devices
  • Use infra-red to connect the 2 devices
  • Link the devices together using wi-fi

Question 15

State how Ryan could prevent other devices from sharing his connection.
  • Use a secure diskdrive
  • Use a firewall
  • Set an access key or a password or a PIN
  • Block unknown devices

Question 16

Explain why sharing the connection might affect the bandwidth available to Ryan.
  • As more devices use the connection, the available bandwidth is shared between them and so reduces the bandwidth available to Ryan.
  • As more device connect, the available bandwidth speeds up to cope so Ryan's connection will be faster.
  • Ryan's bandwidth will not be affected if he shares his connection.

Question 17

Most camcorders have an LCD screen. State one use for the screen.
  • Delete any bad video footage
  • Let's you preview video footage
  • Let's you adjust the light when capturing footage

Question 18

State what is meant by WiFi.
  • A way of connecting a device to a network without the need for the internet
  • A way of connecting a device to a network with cables / wire
  • A way of connecting a device to a network without the need for cables / wires

Question 19

Mitch wants to use a camcorder to record objects in the distance. State which camcorder feature he will need.
  • Digital zoom
  • Widescreen lens
  • Panoramic setting

Question 20

Mitch's camcorder has GPS tagging as an extra feature. State what GPS tagging does.
  • It shows where the recording was edited
  • It shows where his camera is
  • It shows where the recording was taken
  • It shows him how to get home from where he has been

Question 21

State why GPS tagging is a useful feature.
  • Allows you to attach images to a map
  • Allow you to attach images to an email
  • To show you how to get home
  • To help you find your camera if you lose it
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