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What is the internet? The internet is hardware that connects multiple computers using servers and routers.
What are the 4 main components of the internet? Router Server Connecting Backbone Client
What is the router? A router is a piece of hardware that connects two or more computers.
How does the router work? The router is sent data which is then directed in data packets to the correct destination using IP addresses. The router also handles things going in the opposite direction.
What is a client? A computer which uses the services provided by the server
What is the server? A computer or program which runs to serve the needs of other computers.
What does the server do? It runs software to meet the requirements of clients. There are multiple types of servers; client servers, web servers, and email servers.
What is the Connecting backbone? The connecting backbone is the main connecting data routes between large networks and small networks.
What are the large networks? Large networks are things on the internet
What are small networks? Small networks are things in local regions
What does a print server do? This puts your work into the printer queue when you want to print it and then it prints when your work is at the top of the queue
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