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Give 2 advantages and disadvantages of a Star Network Advantages If a cable breaks all the other computers will still be able top access the file server Direct access to the file server means access is fast Disadvantages Expensive to install due to the amount of cable needed If the file server fails all the computers are affected
Give 2 advantages and disadvantages of a Bus Network Advantages Easy to install. Cheap to install, as it doesn’t require much cable Disadvantages If the main cable fails or gets damaged the whole network fails Speed of data is slow
Give an advantage and disadvantage of Ring Networks Advantages Cheapest network to install Data speed is quick as it travels in one direction Disadvantages If any computers or the network cable breaks, it can affect the whole network.
What does LaN stand for? Local Area Network
What does WaN stand for? Wide area Network
What is an extranet? Part of an intranet that can be accessed by authorised members of the public
What is an intranet? A network providing similar services to the internet but only available within one company / establishment
What does a network bridge do? It connects a LaN to a LaN.
What does a network Gateway do? It connects a LaN to a WaN.
What does a network switch do? It diracts packets of data to the right place.
What is a peripheral? Computer Hardware E.G. A Keyboard or a Mouse.
What is a router? A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks.
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