Input and Output Devices - Cambridge Nationals ICT


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Input and Output Devices - Cambridge Nationals ICT
  1. Input Devices
    1. Keyboard
      1. QWERTY key layout
        1. Number pad 0-9
          1. Function bar and arrow keys
            1. Used to enter text into a computer system
            2. Scanner
              1. A beam of light is passed over information to be captured
                1. Scanned information can be edited
                  1. Used to enter large amounts of text (OCR) and images into a computer system
                  2. Digital camera
                    1. Takes digital photographs
                      1. Photos can be entered into a computer system
                      2. Magnetic strip
                        1. Black strip on a plastic card
                          1. Stores static information
                            1. Useful for information not being altered
                            2. Chip and PIN
                              1. Card with a microchip and pin nimber
                                1. E.g. Bank cards, loyalty cards
                                2. Midi instruments
                                  1. Musical Instrument Digital Interface
                                    1. Used for composing and entering music into a computer system
                                    2. Mouse
                                      1. Types of mouse
                                        1. Wired
                                          1. Wireless (uses bluetooth)
                                            1. Optical (LED)
                                              1. Laser (more sensitive)
                                              2. Used to move a cursor around a screen and to select options and icons from menus
                                              3. Microphone
                                                1. Records speech and sound
                                                  1. Can be omnidirectional to allow internet audio to be converted
                                                    1. Used for entering audio (generally analogue)
                                                    2. Sensor
                                                      1. Device that changes analogue signals into digital signals
                                                        1. No human intervention required
                                                          1. Useful for collecting analogue data for processing by a computer system
                                                        2. Output Devices
                                                          1. Printer
                                                            1. Types of printer
                                                              1. Laser
                                                                1. Image is magnetised and toner particles attracted to the charged areas
                                                                  1. More expensive
                                                                    1. Very good quality images
                                                                      1. Fast and quiet - good for offices
                                                                      2. Inkjet
                                                                        1. Tiny jets of ink are squirted on to a page
                                                                          1. Uses four main colours
                                                                            1. Fairly good quality prints
                                                                              1. Slow - not suitable for businesses
                                                                                1. Cheaper to buy, but have very expensive running costs
                                                                              2. Used to produce a hard copy of a document
                                                                              3. Plotter
                                                                                1. Produces diagrams by dotting pens on paper
                                                                                  1. Slow to print, but produce very large diagrams
                                                                                    1. Suitable for architects or designers
                                                                                    2. Monitor
                                                                                      1. Also called a visual display unit (VDU)
                                                                                        1. Displays graphics, text and videos on a screen
                                                                                          1. Picture quality depends on the number of pixels (resolution)
                                                                                          2. Speakers
                                                                                            1. Produce audio output from the device's sound card
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