CBC Ottawa news quiz for the week of May 1


How closely did you follow the past week in local news?
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Trevor Pritchard
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Question 1

The Salvation Army broke ground last weekend on its future church in Ottawa's Barrhaven suburb. What made the project controversial?
  • Ottawa's airport authority said it was too close to their runways.
  • It broke away from a downtown church, despite objections from the parish.
  • Some residents were unhappy with plans to include a 45-bed shelter.
  • The land is on a flood plain and could be geologically unstable.

Question 2

Who is expected to arrive in Ottawa on May 18 for trip that includes laying a wreath at the National War Memorial, visiting a Vanier elementary school, and speaking about how to fight climate change?
  • Barack Obama.
  • Prince Charles and Camilla.
  • Greta Thunberg.
  • Malala Yousafzai.

Question 3

U of O researchers recently published a report detailing 251 "troubling" incidents that took place between March 2019 and February 2021. What sort of incidents were they?
  • Interactions between police in Ottawa and marginalized people.
  • Uses of racist, sexist or ableist language in U of O classrooms.
  • Attacks on democracy by Canadian politicians.
  • Unjustified in-camera meetings held by Ontario municipalities.

Question 4

Police arrested this man Tuesday in connection with the 2005 murder of Ottawa veterinarian Barbara Kalow, who was killed while vacationing alone where?
  • A lakeside city in Arizona.
  • A small village in Peru.
  • A national park in the Northwest Territories.
  • An island off the coast of Greece.

Question 5

Four people were charged this week in the 2020 killing of 31-year-old Ryan Bracken in Gatineau, Que. Why did Gatineau police give carriage of the investigation to Quebec's provincial force?
  • All four suspects were from different parts of the province.
  • The victim was related to a Gatineau police officer.
  • The killing had potential connections to organized crime.
  • Gatineau police had a severe shortage of investigators due to COVID-19.

Question 6

Which city project's timeline is currently up in the air, with Chris Loeffler noting they were facing "geotechnical issues" and problems "getting enough manpower" to do the job?
  • The western LRT extension.
  • The construction of the new central library.
  • The reopening of the Trillium O-Train line.
  • The pedestrianization of the Chief William Commanda Bridge.

Question 7

Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group announced its plans Wednesday for the next phase of its Lansdowne Park revitalization. Which of the following is NOT part of those plans?
  • Expanding the Civic Centre arena.
  • Replacing the north-side stands at TD Place.
  • Adding more than a thousand new residential units.
  • Selling the air rights to new highrise buildings.

Question 8

These homes were built following the Second World War and are slated to be part of a new "cultural heritage character area" in Ottawa. In which neighbourhood are they located?
  • Carlington.
  • Overbrook.
  • Cyrville.
  • Mechanicsville.

Question 9

Who had their bid to be in downtown Ottawa denied Thursday, even though they said they had no intention of attending this weekend's Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally?
  • Tamara Lich.
  • Randy Hillier.
  • Pat King.
  • Chris Barber.

Question 10

Ottawans who woke up early this weekend were able to gaze into the sky and see two planets side-by-side in what's known as a "conjunction." Which two planets?
  • Saturn and Mars.
  • Venus and Jupiter.
  • Uranus and Neptune.
  • Jupiter and Mercury.
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