GCSE History of Medicine: Key Individuals


The Key Individuals and their roles which are vital for the GCSE History of Medicine Exam.
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GCSE History of Medicine: Key Individuals
  1. 1800-1900
    1. Louis Pasteur
      1. Germ theory
      2. Florence Nightingale
        1. Improvements to hospitals
          1. Setup first Nursing Schools
            1. Invented the Pie Chart
            2. Robert Koch
              1. Categorising and classification of germs
              2. Edwin Chadwick
                1. Reported on poverty
                  1. Public Health
                  2. John Snow
                    1. Public Health improvements
                      1. Proved link between water and cholera
                    2. Ancient Greece
                      1. Galen
                        1. Theory of Opposites
                        2. Hippocrates
                          1. The 4 Humors
                            1. Clinical Observation
                              1. The Hippocratic Oath
                            2. The Renaissance 1400-1650
                              1. Vesalius
                                1. Dissections
                                  1. Human Anatomy
                                  2. Harvey
                                    1. Blood Circulation
                                    2. Pare
                                      1. Ligatures
                                        1. Less painful blood loss techniques
                                      2. 1650-1800
                                        1. Edward Jenner
                                          1. Smallpox Vaccine
                                        2. 1900-1950
                                          1. Alexander Flemming
                                            1. Discovery of Penicillin
                                            2. Marie Curie
                                              1. Mobile X-Ray Machines
                                                1. Discovered Radium
                                                  1. Radiography & Radiotherapy
                                                  2. Florey & Chain
                                                    1. Improvements to Penicillin
                                                    2. Aneurin Bevan
                                                      1. Founding of the NHS
                                                      2. Archibald McIndoe
                                                        1. Early plastic surgery
                                                      3. This is key information for the exam! Please keep in mind I sat these exams in 2014, so check it still applies to the modern curriculum before taking information for granted!
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