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Question 1

Which three statements are true with respect to an internal territory and a partner territory? (Choose three.)
  • A partner territory is the jurisdiction of the reselling partner and contains partner resources.
  • You cannot assign specific partner territories to an account that contains only partner resources.
  • Salesperson territory is the area of responsibility of a sales representative over a set of accounts, leads, and opportunities.
  • Internal territories can only have internal resources assigned, while partner territories are controlled by the partner organization.

Question 2

What will happen when you configure the Quota Factor attribute of sales stages? Choose the best answer
  • This field feeds the data in the Sales Pipeline reports.
  • This field represents the likelihood (in percent form) of winning the opportunity.
  • This field drives metrics for the Stalled Opportunities report.
  • This field signifies the average number of days that you expect this sales stage to last.
  • This field allows the sales method to be shared across multiple business units.

Question 3

Which three statements are true about the file-based import process? (Choose three.)
  • The data that you import must be in a spreadsheet.
  • You can create a mapping before creating an import job.
  • An import job must be run immediately.
  • An import job references an import object that represents the structure of the interface table.
  • The data that is being imported should include references to the system from which the data is sourced.

Question 4

What feature in sales forecast allows salespeople to manually include or exclude a revenue item or forecast item from the sales forecast? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Forecast Criteria Override
  • Forecast metric
  • Territory Re-alignment
  • Forecast Criteria Rollup
  • Forecast Explicit Update

Question 5

Your customer has thousands of products and would like to migrate from his legacy system to Oracle Sales Cloud. Which statement is true regarding Importing Product Groups? (Choose the best answer.)
  • The import procedures are covered in the topic, Importing Product Groups.
  • You can directly import an entire product group along with a root group.
  • You'll create all of the subgroups (under the root group) manually in the Ul.
  • You'll create only the root group in the Ul and import the rest.

Question 6

Identify three mandatory items for creating a rule set in Oracle Sales Cloud. (Choose three.)
  • Effective Start Date and Effective End Date
  • Candidate Object
  • Work Object
  • Business Object
  • Name

Question 7

After creating custom fields for opportunities, you are ready to import legacy data into the Fusion system. Which step is necessary before the opportunity data can be imported? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Navigate to the task: Manage Import / Export For Custom Fields. Click the Synchronize button.
  • Navigate to the Application Composer. Select the Enable Import / Export check box for each custom field in the Import / Export section.
  • Navigate to the Application Composer and click the Generate button in the Import and Export section.
  • Navigate to the Application Composer. Click the Refresh button in the Custom Objects section.
  • No special configuration steps are necessary before legacy opportunity data is imported into custom fields.

Question 8

Which statement is true about unique classifications? (Choose the best answer.)
  • it is possible to create a unique classification scheme only by re-purposing one of the existing classification schemes.
  • Oracle Sales Cloud comes with standard classifications, such as SIC and NAICS, and unique classification schemes may not be created.
  • A unique classification may be created in Oracle Sales Cloud and it may contain hierarchical relationships.
  • Unique classification schemes may be created, but will not be available as a territory dimension in Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • You must first create a lookup type (choice list) for a unique classification scheme.

Question 9

You have created a few custom fields on the Opportunity object in Application Composer but you do not see them on the Import Mapping screen. Why? (Choose the best answer.)
  • The custom fields for Opportunity are available under a different object called OpportunityExtn.
  • You have published your sandbox.
  • You have not generated the artifacts.
  • You have not used the Customization Migration function.

Question 10

Identify two criteria that must be met for salespeople to submit their forecasts. (Choose two.)
  • territory freeze date past forecast due date
  • forecast before forecast due date
  • forecast past forecast due date
  • forecast past territory freeze date
  • forecast before territory freeze date

Question 11

You are implementing Oracle Sales Cloud in four countries and your drop down displays all currencies worldwide. How can you display the currencies that you need for your implementation? (Choose the best answer.)
  • You enable the currencies you need when you create the Master Geography.
  • You disable the currencies you do not need in Manage Currencies.
  • You set up the default currency in Manage Currency Profile Options.
  • You enable the currencies you need when you create your implementation project.

Question 12

Your organization has two service lines across three continents: one for tech companies and another for oil and gas companies. The oil and gas service primarily supports two categories, each of which will require different technical knowledge. Identify the three territory dimensions that need to be used for an optimal territory definition. (Choose three.)
  • Geography
  • Account
  • Customer Size
  • Industry
  • Product

Question 13

You have created your product group hierarchy, either directly in the Ul or through file-based import. Now you want to publish, enable, and validate it. Which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)
  • Validate that the catalog appears in the consuming applications.
  • When you publish, the application will attempt to publish all product groups that are unlocked. If you don't want some groups to be published, then you must lock them.
  • After you publish your product groups, if they are not published properly, you can delete them and republish.
  • Enable the catalog by assigning the root node to the ""Base"" usage.
  • You must publish the root node of the hierarchy in order for it to be available in the Manage Product Group Usage.

Question 14

You have a requirement that the Sales VP should be able to see Sales Performance Trend and Top Open Opportunities while logging in to the application. How will you achieve this requirement? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Sales Performance Trend and Top Open Opportunities are by default assigned to the Sales VP Role via predefined Transactional Analysis Duty roles.
  • Create custom duty roles for Sales Performance Trend and Top Open Opportunities and assign it to the Sales VP role.
  • Sales Performance Trend and Top Open Opportunities are seeded reports that can be assigned to the Sales VP role manually.
  • Create Sales Performance Trend and Top Open Opportunities as Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) reports and grant access to the Sales VP role.

Question 15

The Sales VP wants his Sales Representatives to be able to search across all objects in Oracle Sales Cloud. Which profile option do you need to enable? (Choose the best answer.)

Question 16

You are configuring Sales Methods and related Sales Stages for your customer. Which four complex fields can you configure at Sales Stage level but not at Sales Method level? (Choose four.)
  • Close Window
  • Set
  • Stalled Deal Limit
  • Win Probability
  • Duration
  • Quota Factor

Question 17

The Sales Manager wants to add values to the adjustment reasons picklist. Which two options can the administrator use to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)
  • the Forecast Management Tool by accessing it via the Navigator
  • the Manage Adjustment Reason task to set the field to Revenue and Non-Revenue
  • the ZSF_FCST_ADJUSTMENT_REASON option to modify the values
  • the Manage Standard Lookups task to select the Forecast Adjustment Reason values

Question 18

You are asked to create a Trigger on an Opportunity Object. It should check if there is a change in the value of the Priority field in the current transaction. If Yes, then if the new value is greater than older value, update the Additional Info field with the value Higher Priority. Which trigger should you use? (Choose the best answer.)
  • After Changes Posted to Database
  • Before Commit in Database
  • After Insert into Database
  • Before Update in Database
  • After Update in Database

Question 19

Which Setup and Maintenance task is used to run imports in Oracle Sales Cloud? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Manage File Import Activities
  • Manage File Importing
  • Run File Imports
  • Schedule File Import Activities

Question 20

Which two revenue items do forecasts include? (Choose two.)
  • all open revenue and non-revenue items
  • all open revenue items
  • all items for which the forecast criteria have been met or overridden
  • all items for which the Opportunity is set to close within the forecast period

Question 21

Which four elements of the Sales Methodology can you configure for each sales stage? (Choose four)
  • Assessment templates - Assessments let salespeople evaluate the health of an opportunity.
  • Action items - Theses are recommended actions the salesperson should take while working on an opportunity in a specific sales stage.
  • Recommended documents - These are documents recommended for viewing or sharing during a specific sales stage.
  • Task templates - You can define task templates to set tasks for salespeople to perform.
  • Revenue model - Revenue model that features revenue-based forecasting, products and product groups, as well as revenue data captured at the line level.
  • Sales Credit - By allocating sales credit to salespeople on revenue lines, you can capture the amount of credit salespeople receive for the sale.

Question 22

Which tool will a developer use to alter security for an existing job role on a custom object? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Oracle Application Composer
  • Functional Setup Manager
  • Oracle Authorization Policy Manager
  • Oracle Identity Manager

Question 23

In Data Quality Management, for which three entities are real-time and batch matching available? (Choose three.)
  • Opportunity
  • Location
  • Person
  • Organization
  • Lead

Question 24

The customization level is set to Extensible on a lookup type. Identity two actions that can be done on a lookup type during implementation. (Choose two.)
  • Insert new code to a lookup type.
  • Delete predefined codes in a lookup type.
  • update target module for a lookup type.
  • Delete a lookup type.
  • Update start date of a non-predefined code.

Question 25

Which two Customer Center Profile Options would be used to automatically assign Territories to Accounts? (Choose two.)

Question 26

Which component uses statistical analysis to provide the estimated revenue amount while calculating the estimated adjustment metric for a forecast period? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Functional Setup Manager
  • Business Intelligence Server
  • Sales Forcasting Engine
  • Sales Prediction Engine

Question 27

Which statement is false about dynamic choice list fields? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Dynamic choice list fields are based on a many-to-one relationship between objects.
  • Dynamic choice list fields are available only for standard objects.
  • Dynamic choice list fields establish a relationship between objects.
  • Dynamic choice list fields derive values from existing data on another object.

Question 28

You are using the mapping for Opportunity Entity from the development instance and create the same on the production instance. You want to use existing mapping which was used in development instance for production to avoid rework effort. Which option should you use to identify the field name and its corresponding target attribute? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Export Template
  • Export Mapping
  • Import Mapping
  • Copy Mapping

Question 29

What should you do when trying to evaluate if there are any conflicts in a territory structure? (Choose the best answer.)
  • You must first export the structure by clicking Actions, and then selecting Export to Excel.
  • You would be required to first run the Stage and Promote process.
  • Click the Conflict Resolution button from the Enable Dimensions and Metrics page.
  • Highlight the top-level territory, click Actions, and then select View Overlaps.

Question 30

Which profile option needs to be enabled for the use of auxiliary dimensions in territory definition? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Customer Class for auxiliary dimension needs to be set to Customer Class
  • Customer Account for auxiliary dimension needs to be set to Customer Type
  • Customer Type for auxiliary dimension needs to be set to Customer Type
  • Classification Category for auxiliary dimension needs to be set to Classification Category
  • There is no need to set any profile option

Question 31

You are importing users through File Based Loader After import you realized that few of the users are not appearing in Oracle Identity Management. What is the first step you should do in order to fix this issue so that the remaining users appear in OIM? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Manually create the remaining users that are missed out during the file based load.
  • Go to Manage Users and save the user record.
  • Run the process - Send pending LDAP request.
  • Correct the employee work number if it has an extension.
  • Re-import the same user import file for the remaining users.

Question 32

Which three roles must you always provision to your sales users? (Choose three.)
  • Abstract ""Resource"" role
  • Abstract ""Employee"" or ""Contingent Worker"" role
  • a Job role that corresponds to the resource role: Sales Manager, Sales person
  • IT Security role
  • Application Implementation role

Question 33

Identify three business entities that can be auto-assigned by territory definition. (Choose three.)
  • sales quotas
  • opportunities
  • leads
  • assets
  • accounts

Question 34

You are administrator in charge of configuring your company's Resource Organization Information. Select the two components that must be included when creating Sales, Marketing and Partner Organizations: (Choose all correct answers)
  • Business Unit
  • Name
  • Territory
  • Industry

Question 35

Which three actions Data Quality Management perform? (Choose all correct answers)
  • Party Information Management
  • Duplicate Identification
  • Address Cleansing
  • Territory Cleansing
  • Duplicate Resolution

Question 36

"Select the two situation that describe the use of sales methodology in opportunity management. (Choose all correct answers.)
  • Selection of sales methodology is mandatory for every opportunity.
  • Sales methodologies include sales stages; each sales stage can be tied to a range of win probability and status.
  • Sales methodologies best describe an organization's sales process.
  • Sales methodologies consist of one or more sales stages.

Question 37

Which customization level should be set for a lookup type in order to update the tag attribute of the lookup type? (Choose the best answer.)
  • System
  • Profile
  • User
  • Module
  • Extensible

Question 38

Which of the following statements describes a partner enrollment? (Choose the best answer.)
  • The relationship between two partner accounts
  • The relationship between partner members and the hosting organization
  • An application to the channel manager for acceptance in a partner program
  • The educational objectives of a partner education program

Question 39

Which of the following statements are correct for Contact Management? (Choose three)
  • Organization (B2B) can be a contact.
  • A person may be both a customer and a contact of another customer.
  • A contact must be related to a customer.
  • Any person (B2C) can be a contact.

Question 40

Which of the following statements are correct for Lead Management? (Choose three)
  • Finally, qualified leads are converted into opportunities.
  • Lead information is generated and captured from a company's existing Opportunities and Sales campaigns.
  • Lead management features help to align marketing and sales objectives from lead generation to lead execution.
  • All leads then undergo the qualification and assessment process and are qualified either manually by a salesperson or automatically based on predefined rules.

Question 41

What stage in lead life cycle is the lead assigned to a sales representative? Choose the best option
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Distribution
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Assessment

Question 42

What is a metric that provides a revenue target associated with an expected performance of a salesperson territory for a given forecast period known as? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Closed Revenue metric
  • Quota metric
  • Estimated Adjustment metric
  • Unforecasted Pipeline metric

Question 43

Identify the correct statements regarding the auto inclusion of items in a forecast process. (Choose three)
  • Revenue items with ""Always include"" enabled, with override enabled in the forecast
  • Revenue items that are closed as won
  • Revenue items with a close date that falls within the forecast period
  • Revenue items with ""Always include"" enabled, with no override enabled in the forecast
  • Revenue items that are closed as lost

Question 44

Batch process to run when work area search is not working Options. (Choose two)
  • Optimize CRM search Indexes
  • Synchronize CRM search Indexes
  • Optimize CRM Indexes
  • Synchronize CRM Indexes

Question 45

User creates activity/task and wants to delegate the task. Which two profile options are correct? (Choose two)

Question 46

Which of the following features are available in Page Composer? (Choose four)
  • Add BI content
  • Make customizations based on selected layer
  • Change rollover/hover text
  • Add links
  • Extend form regions
  • Change text for screen readers

Question 47

Which are the WILDCARD CHARACTERS to find information from Oracle Sales Cloud global search? (Choose the best answer.)
  • *
  • %
  • % and *
  • Both % and ˄

Question 48

What does 4/4/5 calendar means? Choose the best answer.
  • A period is 13 weeks broken into ""months"" of 4 weeks, 4 weeks, and 5 weeks.
  • The year is broken into four 80-day ""quarters"" and three 15-day ""adjustment periods.
  • A period is 13 months broken into ""trimesters"" of 4 months, 4 months, and 5 months.
  • A period is 13 days broken into ""weeks"" of 4 days, 4 days, and 5 days.
  • Every 3 years there will be a 4-quarter year, a 4-quarter year, and then a 5-quarter year for adjustments.

Question 49

The ""Export Now"" option is available only if no earlier export is pending. Is the statement true or false?
  • True
  • False

Question 50

Which three options would you configure to validate geography in the Manage Geographies task? (Choose three.)
  • Configure rules to determine that an address is a legitimate address.
  • Use Geography Validation Control to avoid or allow recording an incorrect address.
  • Enable Geography Validation for every geography type that you plan to validate.
  • Standardize the address.
  • Enable a list of values in the geography type to allow users to select a value from the list.

Question 51

The marketing analyst launched two promotions and is analyzing the responses. The source codes of several treatments are identical. What happened? (Choose the best answer.)
  • This is normal behavior. Source codes are based on the Combination of campaign, stage instance, and audience.
  • Source codes are defined by the end user in the Manage Multistage Campaign task.
  • This is normal behavior. Source codes are based on the combination of stage instance, audience and treatment.
  • Source codes in the Review Marketing Source Codes task were customized.

Question 52

Access Groups is implemented to PRM. Which 6 can this be implemented?
  • Sales Account
  • Partner
  • Deal Registration
  • MDF Budget
  • MDF Request
  • MDF Claim
  • Program Enrollment"

Question 53

User satisfies conditions three of the layouts. What does the user see? (Choose the best answer.)
  • union of the three layouts
  • intersection of the three layouts
  • first layout that satisfies the condition
  • last layout
  • error

Question 54

Leads may be assigned using: select the best answer
  • Territory-based assignment only
  • Rule-based assignment only
  • Either Territory-based and rule-based
  • manually

Question 55

What 2 are the generally available Oracle updates to customer
  • monthly mandatory update
  • annually mandatory update
  • quarterly mandatory update
  • quarterly opt in
  • monthly opt in

Question 56

You are customizing the mapping between a lead and an opportunity in order to add custom fields. You copy the standard mapping and add appropriate fields to the new mapping that is created. However, your changes are not successful. Why? (Choose the best answer.)
  • You should have modified the standard mapping itself instead of copying and creating a new one. Only one mapping is allowed.
  • You must set the ""MKL_DIRECT_LEAD_TO_OPTY_MAPPING_NAME"" profile to the name of your custom mapping.
  • You must modify the Business Process Flow ""Copy Lead To Opportunity Map"" to refer to your custom mapping.
  • You need to raise a ticket to My Oracle Support to bounce the server.
  • You must modify the Object Workflow ""Copy Lead To Opportunity Map"" to refer to your custom mapping.

Question 57

When you are working in an active sandbox, which three actions can you perform? (Choose three.)
  • Extend the underlying data model by creating custom objects and fields.
  • Create object workflows.
  • Generate artifacts to import and export data.
  • Exit or publish the sandbox.
  • Run business flow in sandbox

Question 58

You need to manage different names for contacts, such as legal name, nick name, and so on. You try to add the field ""All Names"" in the Details Page Standard Layout in your Oracle Sales Cloud. However, the Layout is read-only and you cannot edit it therefore. Why? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Your Profile Options settings are wrong.
  • The Standard Layout cannot be modified. You need to make a copy.
  • You missed deselecting the Read-Only flag for the layout.
  • Your user does not have administrator privileges.

Question 59

You were asked to define an object trigger to extend the standard processing logic of the opportunity record creation. Identify two recommendations to prevent performance degradation. (Choose two.)
  • Use validation logic inside triggers whenever possible.
  • Do not exceed 10 triggers per object.
  • Always use newView() API inside triggers. The usage of newView() API will always kept your performance optimal.
  • When querying objects programmatically within a Groovy trigger, select efficient view criteria to avoid limiting the underlying query.
  • Minimize the number of triggers on an object by combining logically-related fields inside a single trigger.

Question 60

Which action must be performed when a Sales Catalog is imported with errors because it was assigned to an incorrect product group? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Log out from the application and log in again.
  • Inactivate the Sales Catalog version and create a new one.
  • Request a rollback from the application support team.
  • Access the Sales Catalog options and erase it.
  • Delete the Sales Catalog from the production environment.

Question 61

Your customer wants to track the change history of the Opportunity business object. After setting the audit level of the Sales Cloud Application to ""Auditing"", you still cannot see any audit log. Which configuration step must be completed to achieve this requirement? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Selecting the Opportunity business object and the attributes that you want to log
  • Defining the users that are going to be audited
  • Selecting the events that you want to log
  • Defining the logging path
  • Setting the log event level to 5

Question 62

While implementing Oracle Customer Data Management, your customer noticed that their production instance has 1000 plus incorrect addresses as part of the address load. The customer is planning to update these invalid addresses in Oracle Customer Data Management. How can this be resolved? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Use Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ), which will auto-correct invalid addresses.
  • Manually correct all incorrect addresses in the instance.
  • Subscribe to Oracle Address Verification Cloud Service or Oracle DataFox.
  • Provide the corrected addresses in the CV format for reload.

Question 63

A user informs you that they have excessively personalized the application and would like you to reset their personalization. What do you use to reset a user's personalization settings? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Application composer
  • Page Composer
  • The ""Manage Users task
  • The ""Manage User Preferences"" task
  • You cannot reset user preferences; the user must do it themselves.

Question 64

The order in which you should perform migration from Test to Production is. (Choose the best answer.)
  • Set migration, setup data, transactional data
  • Transactional data, setup data, set migration
  • Transactional data, set migration, setup data
  • Setup data, transactional data, set migration
  • Setup data, set migtation, transactional data
  • Set migration, transactional data, setup data

Question 65

Which two actions occur in the application when a sandbox is published? (Choose two.)
  • The transactional data that is created in the active sandbox disappears.
  • The application sends an email notification reaffirming the success of the sandbox publication.
  • All other configurators’ sandboxes become stale.
  • Changes made in the application are visible only for users chosen by the configurator.
  • The application shows warnings if the sandbox is outdated."

Question 66

You got a requirement from your customer to customize and personalize the page title and the page layout in the application. How will you fulfill this requirement? (Choose the best answer.)
  • using Business Intelligence Composer
  • using Page Composer
  • using Oracle SOA Composer
  • using Application Composer
  • using Business Process Composer
  • using User Interface Composer"

Question 67

What tool is recommended for importing territory hierarchy? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Import management
  • Territory Proposal Migration
  • CSM
  • File-based import

Question 68

Which three are true about the features on the additional analytics pages in Sales Cloud?
  • You can manage page access by job role.
  • It is possible to create up to five additional pages with embedded analytics content.
  • Analytics pages and navigation links can be enabled by end users.
  • You can build dashboards by embedding analytics content on Oracle Sales Cloud pages.
  • A customized layout is available for single and multiple reports, but not for an entire dashboard.

Question 69

Which three statements about the process of enabling partners are correct?
  • Partners must be ACTIVE to use PRM Cloud.
  • Partners can be activated without primary contact
  • Partner can be activated without an address.
  • Partners must have tier to be activated.
  • Partners can be imported with active status.
  • Partners can be Associated.

Question 70

Where to manage MDF Approval Workflow? Choose the best answer.
  • BPM Worklist
  • Functional Setup Area
  • approval workflow management*
  • security console

Question 71

You are importing records that already exist in your system. However, there are minor changes in those records. To update these records, which two key pieces of information does your file have to include? (Choose one only.)
  • the PUID for each record
  • the PUID for each record, and an ""Action"" column that includes the word ""UPDATE""
  • the PUID for each record, and a unique user key for each record
  • a unique user key for the record and the fields to be updated
  • all required fields for each record

Question 72

Which two are the best ways could you add a specialist in a (Laptop) Product Group?
  • Access Group
  • Overlay Territories
  • Job Role
  • Abstract Role

Question 73

As an implementation consultant, which setup task would you use to create a customer-specific template for the Opportunity object? Choose the best answer.
  • Manage Marketing Campaign Task Template
  • Manage Sales Task Templates
  • Manage Sales Lead Task Template
  • Manage Customer Center Task Template

Question 74

Adhoc experts to edit one opportunity, how will you give the resource opportunity access. Choose the best answer.
  • add the user to opportunity team
  • create territory, assign the opportunity to territory, assign the member to territory
  • use Sales and Service access Management to have resource access
  • through access groups

Question 75

Which two are recommended when you create the resource organization hierarchy?
  • Create the entire organization before adding users
  • Create the top-level organization, and then add organization as you add users.
  • Don’t add user from the top down because it requires careful planning.
  • You must avoid empty hierarchy nodes.

Question 76

What three steps must you perform to create a global saved work area search?
  • Activate Page Composer, then create a saved search just like you would as an end user.
  • Create and activate a sandbox that includes the appropriate tools.
  • Use Application Composer to specify the search criteria on the appropriate page layout.
  • Publish the sandbox.
  • Use the Managed Saved Searches page to create a saved search."

Question 77

Your company wants to assign new leads to the correct territory. If there is no sales channel identified on an incoming lead, then the application should determine if the lead should go to a partner or remain internal. Which specification is correct in this scenario?
  • Work Object = Lead, Candidate Object = Partner, Territory-based assignment.
  • Work Object = Lead, Candidate Object = Territory, Channel-based assignment
  • Work Object = Account, Candidate Obiect = Partner, Territorv-based assignment
  • Work Object = Lead, Candidate Obiect = Territory, Territory-based assignment

Question 78

Which three statements about the Partner on-boarding process are correct? A prospective partner may visit your social network and request registration.
  • The channel operations manager must enroll the partner in an appropriate program.
  • Your channel account managers may manually register a partner.
  • A prospective partner may visit your website and request registration.
  • The approval of the partner's registration is automatically given."

Question 79

Which is the real opportunity life cycle in Oracle Partner Relationship Management (PRM)? Choose the best answer.
  • deal is first converted to an opportunity, following which the partner optionally assigns additional resources, and then works on the opportunity and closes it.
  • partner first creates the new opportunity, then assigns additional resources, and then closes the opportunity after working on it.
  • partner first creates a deal, then creates an opportunity associated with that deal, and then works on the opportunity and closes
  • A partner first creates a new opportunity, then works on the opportunity, and finally closes the opportunity.

Question 80

Your sales users report that automatic assignment of territories to accounts is not functioning properly. When they create an account it gets assigned properly, but after updating an account, it is not getting reassigned. What is the reason for this? Choose the best answer.
  • In your Groovy script, you used a create trigger instead of an update trigger.
  • Accounts are only reassigned if their addresses are updated; other changes do not trigger reassignment.
  • Accounts are automatically assigned on creation. To be reassigned, you need to schedule a repeating job.
  • This is normal application behavior; accounts must be manually, or batch reassigned on updates.
  • Accounts have two separate profile options for assignment; one to assign on create and one to assign on update.

Question 81

A sales representative creates and finishes an assessment for a lead, but then learns new information and wants to rerun the assessment. In that case, which two options are true?
  • Assessments are versioned, and a new version of the assessment is created.
  • You may update an existing assessment with the new information and get a new score.
  • You must delete the existing assessment before creating a new assessment.
  • You cannot run the same assessment twice on the same record.
  • Creating a new assessment automatically deletes the old assessment.

Question 82

Your business requirement is to grant all sales representatives read-only access to all opportunities. How do you implement this? Choose the best answer.
  • Use the drag-and-drop graphical interface of the Security Console to adjust permissions for the role.
  • Create a copy of the predefined role, then use Sales and Service Access Management to modify the role.
  • Use Sales and Service Access Management to modify the predefined role.
  • Use the Security tab of the Opportunity object in Application Composer to set role-specific security options.

Question 83

As part of your implementation, you want to keep only the activities you are importing; you want to delete all other activities. How can you achieve this? Choose the best answer.
  • Manually delete all records from the My Accounts page, then perform the import.
  • Run a Delete All import, then run a Create import.
  • Export the existing activities, use this export to create an import file, run a Delete import, and then run a Create import.
  • Export the existing activities, merge this file with your existing file, label each record as Create or Delete, then run a Create and Delete import.
  • Run a Create import with ""Keep only created records"" selected."

Question 84

Which statement is correct about Deal Registration Assignment Rule? Choose the best answer.
  • Assignment rules only run manually.
  • The owner of the deal registration is the partner user who is working the deal.
  • Only partners can be assigned to the deal registration.
  • By default, the assignment rule defined for deal registration is rule-based assignment.

Question 85

Your customer wants to present best practice sales methodology to salespeople to improve their sales effectiveness. Which three are valid elements that you can define for your Sales coach implementation?
  • A. Define task templates to set tasks for salespeople to perform in a specific sales stage.
  • B. Set up assessments to enable salespeople evaluate the health of an opportunity in a specific sales stage.
  • C. Define different sales territories for each sales stage.
  • D. Set up an automatic approval process in a specific sales stage.
  • E. Define the recommended action items that a sales person should take while working on an opportunity in a specific sales stage.

Question 86

What are the two advantages of access group over security console:
  • The access group is displayed on the object's landing page, which makes it easy to identify.
  • The access group is shown in Application Composer, which makes it easy to manage.
  • An access group can include users with a predefined role, whereas the Security area of the custom object does not provide access for the most predefined roles.
  • You can add individual users to an access group in case you identify additional resources who need such access.
  • if you use the Security tab, you must run a synchronization process before the changes are applied.

Question 87

Tool for MDF claim and request
  • Functional Setup Manager
  • BPM Worklist
  • Security Console
  • AME

Question 88

Configure workspace, where to configure when you want for custom fields to appear in WorkspaceAnswer: (Choose the best answer.)
  • Configure Adaptive Search > Advance tab > publish
  • In application composer, generate the artifacts to appear the custom fields. Configure Adaptive Search > Setup > Advance tab"

Question 89

When a resource creates and opportunity the opty is assigned to a business unit, how is this configured. (EXTRA)
  • In Manage Users
  • In Resource Directory"

Question 90

"User needs to see all opportunities but read-only? How to implement this? (Choose the best answer.)
  • Access groups
  • Abstract role
  • Overlay territories
  • Job roles

Question 91

"Nakalimutan ni user ung email at password . What 4 things can you do (EXTRA)
  • disable email and password
  • contact user via phone "

Question 92

Score threshhold 80 automerge 90 scores are 75, 100
  • merge with error
  • automatic merge
  • no merge
  • merge possible but need to review it manually

Question 93

You want to assign a user to a business unit. Business unit is restricted. What should you do?
  • Add user's business unit to Manage user's task
  • Add user's resource organization to manage business unit tasks. User is added to resource organization business unit task
  • Manage business unit tasks

Question 94

How do you edit the lookup type of a custom field?
  • Manage Standard Lookups Task
  • Delete, then create new lookup

Question 95

If three lines of business requires different ways to segment customers, which configuration scenario should you follow?
  • The requirement is no feasible, because Oracle Sales Cloud does not allow more than one classification per account.
  • Adding standard auxiliary classification fields
  • Configuring additional child objects
  • Using hierarchical dimensions for reporting
  • Adding additional names as necessary

Question 96

As a user, what can you do to personalize your experience? Choose three.
  • Modify springboard
  • Update group of fields
  • Update fields
  • Modify navigator

Question 97

A forecast is frozen and the VP of Sales wants to extend the forecast freeze date. What are two consequences of this decision? (Choose two.)
  • Sales reps can create new forecast items but cannot edit the previously submitted items.
  • Territory hierarchy cannot be changed.
  • Submitted forecasts remain unsubmitted.
  • Any territory changes implemented after the original freeze date are now enforced.
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