10 Study Techniques


Check out these 10 Study Tips to Improve your Learning: www.examtime.com/blog/10-study-tips-to-improve-your-learning
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10 Study Techniques
  1. Brainstorming
    1. Expanding ideas
      1. No inhibitions
    2. Quizzes
      1. Prefect preparation for exams
        1. Highlights your strengths and weaknesses
          1. Share with your friends to get the most out of quizzes
        2. Notes
          1. Put lectures/articles into your own words
          2. Underlining
            1. Read fully first
              1. highlight key areas of content
              2. Mind Maps
                1. Quick and Easy
                  1. Ideal for exam prep or outlining your ideas
                  2. Flashcards
                    1. Perfect for retaining info
                      1. Dates, Formulas, Key Facts and Vocabulary
                    2. Case Studies
                      1. See the real world applications of theory
                        1. Allows you to visualise a theory
                        2. Mnemonic Rules
                          1. A memory trick
                            1. Works by association
                          2. Organise Your Study
                            1. Planning is vital to good study
                              1. Create a timetable
                            2. Drawing
                              1. For visual learners
                                1. Images or drawings are great way for remember something
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