C.1 Geography, Skills #1-4 Knowledge Check


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Question 1

The iconic castle at Disney’s Magic Kingdom was inspired by castles of Europe. Disney parks around the world now have castles as well. This exemplifies [blank_start]cultural diffusion[blank_end].
  • cultural diffusion
  • effects of the biosphere
  • deposition
  • human-environmental interaction

Question 2

[blank_start]Drumlins[blank_end] are mostly likely formed by a glacier.
  • Drumlins
  • Sand dunes
  • Flora
  • Weathering

Question 3

Max has lived in St. Augustine, Florida his whole life and particularly enjoys going to nearby beaches. In reading about the Spanish arriving in North America and settling St. Augustine, it is easy for him to visualize the flora and fauna that explorers might have encountered as well as how they might have made their way from the coast to where the oldest parts of St. Augustine can be found. Max is demonstrating the use of ___________________.
  • absolute location
  • concept maps
  • mental maps
  • relative location

Question 4

Meridians are the same as lines of latitude on a map.
  • True
  • False

Question 5

The people of Haiti use wood charcoal for over half of their energy. In 1923, over half of Haiti’s land consisted of forest. In 2006, less than 2% of the forests remains. As a result, soil has eroded and supports less plant life for agriculture. This exemplifies _________________.
  • human cultural determinism
  • environmental determinism
  • impact of vegetation on the environment
  • impact of climate on the interaction
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