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Love, Commitments and Responsibility

New Testaments has four words for love: Philia: love for family and friends Eros: sexual love Agape: Christian love; puts others first Storge: affection for things and animals

Sexual Relationships

Sex is natural and gift from God Christians and Muslims believe that marriage is the best time for sex to take place Purpose of sex is to show love, commitment and procreation.

Catholics: not allowed. Artificial methods aren't allowed too (e.g. condom). Except, the natural rhythm. Sex is for creating new life.

Protestants: any form are allowed if acceptable to couple. But sex must be within marriage.

Muslims: contraception are allowed within marriage. Certainly not for promiscuity. Artificial methods allowed. expect vasectomy as it cannot be reversed.


Having sex with someone who is NOT your marriage partner Forbidden to both Muslims and Christians Jesus is against adultery Adultery can result in lack of trust and divorce.

"Have nothing to do with adultery, for it is a shameful thing and an evil opening the way to other evils."-Quran-

Christian Wedding Ceremony

Vicar speaks about the purpose of marriage Legal statements (reasons why not to get married) Reading --> hymns --> prayers Vows made: to have, hold, love and cherish Exchange rings symbolising eternity Sign the register

Christians ideas about marriage

Gift from God, a sacrament Man and woman For life: "till death do us part." Vow to God, each other and Christian community Physically and spiritually joined together by God Suitable environment for children to be brought up in Catholics and Protestants disapprove of cohabitation. But, Protestants may approve it, especially if it leads to marriage.

Muslim Wedding Ceremony Likely to be arranged to ensure both families are convinced Dowry called 'mahr' is exchanged (form of money/goods) Nikah (the ceremony) can take place at home/mosque/large hall; the witness is the Imam of the local mosque. Bride doesn't have to be at the wedding, but now it's rare. Verses from Qur'an are read out. Mahr is agreed. Vows exchanged. Couple signed wedding contract. Muslim prohibits cohabitation.

Christian and remarriage Jesus said divorce, then remarry is adultery Divorce are not allowed in Roman Catholic church and remarry is NOT an option; married couples should live separately and single lives Catholics allowed remarriage after annulment, since marriage never took place Remarriage allowed by most other Christians because: People who sin and are sorry should be given second chance Church of England think Priest decided whether divorce couple should remarry

Christianity and divorce - AGAINST Vows made in front of God Jesus taught not to separate what God has joined Protestants do not agree but understands Divorcees marries in Anglican Church with bishop's permission Roman Catholics: marriage cannot be undone, therefore divorce are not allowed but allowed an annulment. Valid reasons for annulment; forced marriage/mentally unstable during marriage

HOWEVER: Jesus said a man can divorce if wife is unfaithful Divorce might be necessary (e.g. abuse)

Islam and divorce - AGAINST "Last resort" said Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the thing Allah hated most Family will try to help couple, if experience difficulties in marriage Husband must announce divorce three times in front of witnesses Couples remained living together for next three months to ensure wife is not pregnant

In 2005, same sex couples had legal statusChristianity Old Testament against homosexuality New Testament, Jesus supported love and forgiveness and warned people not to judge Catholics believe homosexuality should control their sexual feelings by being celibate SOME Protestants agree while others argue, that Bible should understand today's society and homosexual relationships are acceptable Muslim Qur'an said homosexuality is wrong Heterosexual marriage and children are the heart of society

Love and sex




Remarriage/same sex

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