Marriage and Family Life - Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 3


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Marriage and Family Life - Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 3
  1. Christian Marriage
    1. Sacrament - Love between husband and wife is sign of the love of God.
      1. Permanent - Marriage lasts for as long as both partners are alive "till death do us part"
        1. Exclusive - Sharing life with your partner means remaining totally faithful to one another. Adultery is wrong.
          1. Life- Giving - It is about both partners helping each other to grow and become better people. Also about having children and caring for them.
          2. Marriage Ceremony
            1. Introduction and questions, Exchanging vows before God and witnesses, Exchanging rings blessed by God, Prayers, Bible readings on marriage, Sermon on marriage duties, Signing of Register.
            2. Christianity and Sex
              1. Sex before marriage is wrong.
                1. Some Christians believe it is acceptable as long as the couple love one another, are in a long term relationship and intend to marry.
                2. Bible teaches that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be respected, instead of committing promiscuity.
                  1. It is wrong to act upon homosexual emotions, however Christians should support homosexuals and not be prejudiced.
                    1. Adultery is wrong.
                      1. Jesus taught that love is the most important thing - "Love your neighbour"
                      2. Christianity and Divorce
                        1. RC - take the Bible literally and believe that marriage is made by God and therefore cannot be ended by anything other than death.
                          1. Anulment is possible - declaration that the marriage did not really exist - only if someone has been forced into marriage, lying about vows, or if marriage has not been consummated.
                            1. Divorce
                              1. Adultery
                                1. Unreasonable behaviour
                                  1. 2 years separation with consent
                                    1. 5 years separation without consent
                                      1. Desertion
                                    2. Christianity and Family Life
                                      1. Parents should love their children and provide them with food, clothes etc.
                                        1. Parents should set a good example, encouraging children to go to church and be baptised and confirmed.
                                          1. "Honour your father and mother." - New Testament
                                            1. Children should look after their parents if they are no longer capable.
                                              1. Christian marriage ceremony refers to starting a family and bringing children up as Christians.
                                                1. Family is basis of society.
                                                  1. God made family to keep society together.
                                                    1. Adam and Eve=family
                                                      1. Some churches run schools which teach in Christian environments.
                                                        1. Sunday schools and confirmation classes teach children differences between right and wrong.
                                                          1. Vicars and priests act as family counsellors.
                                                            1. Bible stresses importance of family life.
                                                            2. Homosexuality
                                                              1. RC Church - homosexuality is acceptable as long as it is is not acted upon. Must control sexual feelings by disinterested friendships, through sacraments and prayer. Counselling is offered.
                                                                1. 'You must not lie with a man as with a woman, that is detestable."
                                                                  1. "Homosexual offenders will not inherit KINGDOM OF GOD."
                                                                  2. Other Christians - allow homosexuality if they are in a strong committed relationship as Jesus did not discriminate, sex is also to show love and Bible passages are outdated.
                                                                    1. "Love thy Neighbour" and Golden Rule
                                                                      1. "Let those who are without sin cast the first stone"
                                                                    2. Attitudes to Contraception
                                                                      1. Against
                                                                        1. Sex is for procreation.
                                                                          1. Can lead to the sin of promiscuity.
                                                                            1. Could lead to adultery which is against Decalogue.
                                                                              1. Devalues sexual acts.
                                                                                1. Sex should take place within marriage to ensure love and trust, therefore there is no need for contraception.
                                                                                2. For
                                                                                  1. Sex is also to show love and unity without the worry of having children.
                                                                                    1. A couple may not be able to afford children so it allows them to plan and control family sizes.
                                                                                      1. Jesus did not mention anything about not using contraception in the Bible.
                                                                                        1. Lesser of two evils if it prevents needs for abortion.
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