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AIC is stuctured like a morality play. A secular one. the judge is a police investigator investigating a legals situation- but actually focussing on the morality of the characters behaviour

BIRLINGYou'll apologize at once ... I'm a public man -INSPECTOR [massively]Public men, Mr. Birling, have responsibilities as well as privileges. Act Two Here the Inspector, who by this middle act of the play is gaining in power and control over the situation, "massively" silences Birling with a putdown. It is not the first or last time that Birling is cut off mid-thought. It is also important because Priestley points an extra finger of blame at Birling not just for his actions, but for his failure to see that his public position entails a duty of responsibility to other people. Interestingly, this attitude draws on the traditional notion of the upper classes taking responsibility for the welfare of the lower classes, but in the newer, more democratic life of Britain, the "public men" are not necessarily of higher social class even if they have more public privileges; at any rate, their position of power comes with responsibility.

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