ch3 Baroque literature


ch3 Baroque literature
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Ignatius Loyola The Spiritual Exercises, guidebook for spiritual development. leaders of the counter-reformation, jesuits > strict obedience to roman catholicism
René Descartes The Meditations, explores the nature of his own mind, particularly on what he knows with certainty, "second mediations"> "a thing that thinks", human mind reasoning in various manifestations: doubting, affirming, denying, willing, refusing, understanding, and imagining
Miguel Cervantes Don Quixote, first modern western novel, don quixote idealistic knight of the sorrowful countenance, and companion sancho panza. contrasting characters
John Donne The Flea, dramatic situation, wit and humor, presents unconventional seduction. exhibits baroquecharacterizations of dramatic action and playful exaggeration
Anne Bradstreet A letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment, poet aware of earths rotation and season change. she compares her husband to the sun, absence is like the sun moving forward>winter, she is the frozen earth and even her children seem remote to her, she wishes him to be home
Thomas Hobbes Leviathan, a book of pilitical philosophy, a defense of secular monarchy, written during puritan commonwealth rule in england. theory of the sovereign state. establishes a contract theory as a justification for political authority
John Locke Second Treatise of Civil Government, follows framework hobbes devised for dealing with questions of pilitical pwer and authority. government as protection, not just safety and security like hobbes said but for the fruit of laber; incldig private property
John Milton Paradise Lost, the power and beauty is awe-inspiring. element of dramatic tragedy, religious fervor, and poetic zeal.
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