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Flashcards showing a theme from Of Mice and Men and some key points to put in an essay question about them.
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Discrimination/Prejudice * Lennie - mental disability * Crooks - skin colour * Candy - old * Curley's wife - woman seen as trouble & possession of Curley
Friendship * George and Lennie * Candy and his dog * Crooks * Curley's wife
Dreams/Hope * Lennie - comforting, simple dream * Candy - worried what will happen when he gets canned * Curley's wife - movie star * Crooks - says everyone has the same one, is lured in
Violence * Curley - violent character * Carlson - insensitive, goes to watch violence, goads Curley * Lennie - unintentional violence, immense force
Futility * Lennie - has physical power but not mentally able * Economically - little money, spend it one go * Crooks - other characters have power over him
Loneliness * George - had companionship & will be lonely * Crooks - jealous of G & L's relationship, has memories of better times * Curley's wife - Nothing to do, tries to befriend weaker characters * Candy - loss of his dog, likes to gossip
Foreshadowing * Woman in Weed - Lennie told to keep away from Curley's wife * Candy's dog - shot when it's better for it than being alive * Dead animals - destroys anything he touches
Animals * Lennie - compared to animals * Candy's dog - like Lennie's outcome but George does it not someone else * Death of animals - foreshadowing death of Curley's wife.....Lennie * Rabbits - Lennie's dream, hallucination
Setting * Contrasts from chapter 1 & 6 - set in same place * Barn - location for lots of negative events * Crooks' room - books, separate from everyone else * Bunkhouse - no personal touches
Relationships * George and Lennie * Candy and dog * Curley and his wife * Crooks and Lennie/Curley's wife and Lennie
Power * George - Has parental control over Lennie * Curley & the Boss - have power over the workers * Lennie - has immense physical power * Slim - has great authority over other men
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