Characters in "An Inspector Calls"


A mind map to show the importance of social class in An Inspector Calls
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Characters in "An Inspector Calls"
  1. Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
    1. Described as "pretty" despite of what class she is
      1. Of Working class
        1. She is poor & her parents are dead
        2. From just outside of Brumley
          1. Described as "country-bred" by Birling
        3. Eric Birling
          1. He is not as concerned about social class
            1. He is embarrassed about the way his parent treat those of a lower class
              1. "I'm ashamed of you"
              2. He supports the workers cause when he hears about his fathers treatment of them
                1. "Why shoudnt they try for higher wages?"
                2. He supported Eva by giving her money
                  1. He was happy to have a relationship with a working class girl
                    1. he doesn't care about Eva's class
                      1. He feels guilty regardless of who she is
                  2. He was born into the higher class
                  3. Gerald Croft
                    1. Did not care about Daisy's social class
                      1. He seems to have genuinely cared about Daisy in spite of who she was
                        1. He arranged for her to live in a friends flat & he gave her some money
                        2. He pitied her when he first met her
                          1. He helped when she was being harassed by Alderman Meggarty
                        3. High class (Aristocrat)
                          1. Son of Lord and Lady Croft
                            1. they are not overly impressed by his engagement to Sheila
                              1. Perhaps because the Birling's are lower in social circles
                                1. Perhaps because they are rvals of Birling's business
                              2. Wealthy
                                1. Works with his father for "Croft's Limited"
                              3. Conflict
                                1. Feels for Eva
                                  1. "I was sorry for her"
                                  2. Attempts to rid his responsibility
                                    1. Tries desperately to prove Inspectors non-existence
                                2. Sybil Birling
                                  1. She was born into a Higher class family
                                    1. She is a snob
                                      1. She's very aware of the difference in social class
                                        1. She is very dismissive of Eva
                                          1. She claimed it was her "duty" to refuse help to a working class girl
                                            1. Shes refuses to believe tht a working class girl would refuse (stolen) money
                                              1. "She was giving herself ridiculous airs"
                                              2. "Girls of that class"
                                              3. She is irritated when Birling wishes to praise the cook in front of Gerald
                                              4. Narrow-minded
                                              5. Mr Birling social superior
                                                1. Denial
                                                  1. Her own actions
                                                    1. Claims she does not recognise the photograph
                                                      1. "I did nothing i'm ashamed of"
                                                      2. Actions of other
                                                        1. "There must be some mistake" (On Eric)
                                                          1. "Scruples that were absurd in a girl in her position"
                                                      3. Sheila Birling
                                                        1. She begins to realise that social class isn't important
                                                          1. She's embarrassed about the way her parents treated Eva because of her class
                                                            1. "It frightens me the way you talk"
                                                              1. "How can you Pretend that nothing much has happened?"
                                                            2. She feels guilty about how she acted to Eva
                                                              1. she feels "fully Responsible"
                                                              2. She considers the conditions of her father's workers
                                                                1. she show compassion when she hears of Birling's treatment of them
                                                                  1. "But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people"
                                                              3. She is snobby and shallow about working class people at the start
                                                                1. Jealousy of Eva
                                                                2. Born into a high class family
                                                                3. Auther Birling
                                                                  1. He is aware of his social superiors
                                                                    1. He shows of his ort to Gerald
                                                                      1. "It's exactly the same port your father gets"
                                                                    2. Worked his way up in class
                                                                      1. He was originally 2nd class
                                                                        1. Slips into old habits: thanks the chef.
                                                                      2. Pround of his achievents
                                                                        1. Rich & in first class. He owns his own business
                                                                          1. He is likely to be knighted
                                                                            1. "Just a knighthood of course."
                                                                          2. Lack of Change
                                                                            1. Refuses to accept change.
                                                                              1. "But the whole thing's different now!
                                                                            2. Capitalist
                                                                              1. Has an antithetical view to Priestly
                                                                                1. "A man has to mind his own business."
                                                                                2. Greed
                                                                                  1. "Working together...for lower costs and higher prices"
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