Greek Drama


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Greek Drama
  1. Origin: developed during celebrations of Dionysus
    1. These plays resembled today's operas
      1. Dionysus: god of wine; produced grapes for wine
        1. wine was associated with ressurectiona and suffering
          1. Festival of Dionysus: The festival took place in Athens. It lasted 5 days and was celebrated in either March of April
            1. Day 1: A procession took place in honor of the god, Dionysus
              1. Day 2: Choral Songs
                1. Days 3-5: Actors performed 3 tragedies, 1 satyr, and 1 comedy
            2. Greek Theatre: included a theatron, orchestra, thymele, parados, pro-scenium, skene
              1. similar to an outdoor stadium, and could hold about 15,000 to 20,000 people
                1. Special Effects: The greek theatres did not have any curtains, microphones, lights, or intermission. As a result, all the plays took place during the day
                  1. The Actors
                    1. Greek Name: Hypocrite
                      1. All actors were men, because women were not allowed to act
                        1. Needed the ability to speek in a clear loud voice; wore mask, costumes, padded costumes,and high heeled boots. They also needed the ability to speak in a poetic voice.
                        2. The Chorus
                          1. led by conductor, made up of singers and dancers, acted together as one character
                            1. The chorus was originally made up of 50 people. Sophocles then changed it to 12
                              1. The chorus was used to add beauty and dance, set the mood of the play, create a bridge between the actors and audience, converse with the actors, tell about past events, fore tell the future
                            2. The Stories: were orginally created as hyms and prayers to honrs gods, in paticular Dionysus. However, overtime they changed to stories and legends about greek leaders and heros
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