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  1. Act I
    1. It's a cold night at Elsinore, the Danish royal castle
      1. Bernardo takes over from Francisco, and he's joined by Horatio (Hamlet's best friend)
        1. They tell Horatio they've seen a ghost of the dead King Hamlet
          1. Hamlet decides to go see the Ghost himself
            1. Laertes is returning to France while Hamlet couts Ophelia. Polonius and Laertes fear he is not genuine about her
              1. The Ghost lures Hamlet to a private place and tells him that Claudius murdered him/his father. Hamlet vows to avenge him
    2. Act II
      1. Orphelia worries about Hamlet, and tells Polonius that he ran in her room to stare at her silently
        1. Polonius takes it that he is ecstatically in love and tells her not to worry
          1. Claudius sends two men to watch Hamlet, as he's concerned about his erratic behaviour
            1. Hamlet realises they are there to spy on him, and sends them away
              1. When the troupe of actors arrive, Hamlet arranges for them to put on a play depicting the King's death
      2. Act III
        1. Claudius listens to Ophelia and Hamlet speaking, as he contemplates suicide
          1. Hamlet rejects Ophelia
            1. During the play, Hamlet takes Claudius leaving as an admission of guilt
              1. While in Gertrude's closet arguing, Polonius fears for the Queen's safety and leaps out. Hamlet stabs him, thinking it was Claudius
                1. Claudius sends him on a one-way trip to England, where he hopes he'll meet his death
                  1. While arguing over Polonius' death, the Ghost enters and Hamlet's communication with him convinces all he is truly mad.
        2. Act IV
          1. Gertrude and Claudius speak of Hamlet's madness, and sending him away.
            1. Hamlet refuses to give the location of Polonius' body away, although eventually does
              1. Hamlet learns he is to go to England, and reminds himself of his vow to avenge his father's death
                1. Ophelia wanders the castle with flowers, singing and deluded. Laertes returns from France to comfort her
                  1. Claudius convinces Laertes it's Hamlet's fault, but news arrives that he is alive and returning to Denmark
                    1. They concoct a plan to murder Hamlet using poison and a poisoned sword, in an 'accident' during a fencing match
                      1. Ophelia drowns herself
          2. Act V
            1. Gravediggers discuss Ophelia's suicide, and the funeral procession arrives as Hamlet converses with them
              1. Distraught at the lack of ceremony and Hamlet's outburst of love, Laertes and Hamlet fight in the grave
                1. During the fencing match, Gertrude accidentally drinks the poisoned wine. She cries she's been poisoned before dying.
                  1. Laertes strikes Hamlet with the poisoned sword and Hamlet uses the poisoned sword against him.
                    1. Laertes reveals the plot as they die, and Hamlet forces Claudius to drink and be cut, to ensure he dies and his father is avenged
                      1. Horatio goes to kill himself, but Hamlet stops him so someone can live to tell the story
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