Tsarist Russia 1861 - 1918


Russia under Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II
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Mar. 1861 - Emancipation of the Serfs by Alexander II - Emancipation Manifesto

Mar. 1881 -Assassination of Alexander II + Alexander III ascends to the throne

1894 - Alexander III dies + Nicholas II ascends to the throne

1883 - Alexander III enforces 'Russification'

1891 - Production of the Trans-Siberian Railway begins - stretching from Moscow to Vladivostok, intending to open up remote areas of Russia 

Feb. 1904 - Japan declares war on Russia. Russo-Japanese War begins

Sep. 1905 - Russo - Japanese War formally ends. Russia and Japan sign the Treaty of Portsmouth with the help of President Theodore Roosevelt

22nd Jan. 1905 - Bloody Sunday

1st Aug. 1914 - Germany declares war on Russia

Dec. 1916 - Rasputin is killed - 7 attempts to kill him

2nd March 1917 - Nicholas II abdicates 

1912 - Alexei (son of the Tsar) becomes ill and Rasputin manages to help him. Secured his position in the royal household

1863 - 1865 - Alexander II brings in reforms (economic, military, education, censorship, judicial)

1866 - Dmitry Karakozov makes first attempt on Alexander's life. Alexander abandons his reforms

1876 - Land and Liberty party created 

1892 - Sergei Witte becomes finance minister

1903 - Sergei Witte transferred from Minister of Finance to Committee of Ministers 

17th July 1918 - Nicholas II and family are executed

1902 - Nicholas appoints Vyachslav Plehve as Minsiter of the Interior

July 1904 - Plehve assassinated

Nov - Dec 1904 - bloodiest battle of the Russo - Japanese War. Japanese captured 203 Meter Hill and bombarded Russian fleet

1903 - Father Gapon forms Assembely of Russian Workers

1870's - Populist party created

1879 - The People's Will are formed 

1901 - The Socialist Revolutionary party is formed

1898 - Social Democrat party is formed

1898 - Lenin exiled to Siberia 

1902 - Lenin's revolutionary ideas published in a pamphlet called 'What Is To Be Done?'

1905 - Revolution begins

Oct. 1905 - October Manifesto released

April - June 1906 - First Duma

Feb - June 1907 - Second Duma

Nov. 1907 - Third Duma begins

June 1912 - Third Duma ends

Nov. 1912 - Fourth Duma begins

Aug. 1914 - Fourth Duma ends

By 1917 - inflation was high and the rouble was worthless

Jan. 1917 - The Okhrana told the Tsar that revolution was coming

18th Feb - 8th March 1917 - February Revolution

27th Feb 1917 - first meeting of the Petrograd Soviet

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