Match Epithelial Tissue With Function and Structure


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B1)Simple Squamous ____________________2) Stratified Squamous____________________________3)Nonciliated simple columnar_____________________________________4)Ciliated Simple Columnar_____________________________________5)Pseudostratified columnar_____________________________________6)Glandular_____________________________________

StructureA. Many layers of cells; surface cells are flatB. Columnar cells with nuclei at different levels.C. Columnar cells that have microvilli.D. Columnar cells that have cillia.E. One layer of flat cells.F. Groups of specialized cells.G. One layer of columnar cellsFunction1. Permits diffusion of gases across the alveolar walls of the lungs.2. Prevents water loss through the skin.3. Permits exchange of materials across the capillary walls.4. Secretes the saliva of the salivary glands.5. Sweeps mucus and bacteria up the respiaratory tract towards the pharynx.6. Absorbs nutrients in the small intestine.7. Sweeps ovum through the uterine tubes towards the uterus.8. Secretes hormones.

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