Metal Oxides, Metal Hydroxides & Ammonia


Some notes on the reaction of metal oxides and metal hydroxides with acids and the pattern to forming the equations. Also some information on the use of ammonia to make neutral salt for fertilisers.
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Oxides and Hydroxides Metal Oxides and Metal Hydroxides are BASES, All Metal Oxides and Metal Hydroxides react with acids to form salt and water, Reactions where metal oxide/metal hydroxide reacts with acids are neutralisation reactions, A way to remember the equation for metal oxides/hydroxides reacting with acids is to remember that the product of a reaction like this is always the base at the front with the type of acid after it, plus water.Some examples:-HydroCHLORIC Acid + COPPER Oxide --> COPPER CHLORIDE + Water-HydroCHLORIC Acid + SODIUM Hydroxide --> SODIUM CHLORIDE + Water-SULFURIC Acid + ZINC Oxide --> ZINC SULFATE + Water-SULFURIC Acid + CALCIUM Hydroxide --> CALCIUM SULFATE + Water-NITRIC Acid + MAGNESIUM Oxide --> MAGNESIUM NITRATE + Water-NITRIC Acid + POTASSIUM Hydroxide --> POTASSIUM NITRATE + WaterAmmonia-Ammonia dissolves in water to make an alkaline solution,-Then, when it reacts with nitric acid it produces a neutral salt: ammonium nitrate,-NO WATER is produced as a product in this experiment, ONLY the ammonium nitrate salt,-Ammonium Nitrate is a good fertiliser because it has nitrogen from two different sources, the ammonia AND the nitric acid. -Plants need this nitrogen to make proteins.

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