Definitions - World Cities, Mega Cities and Millionaire Cities


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Definitions - World Cities, Mega Cities and Millionaire Cities          

World Cities:   Global reach - they have become the command and control centres of the international economy  Dominate the global urban hierarchy  Mainly located in the developed world The three top ranking world cities are New York, London and Tokyo Typically, world cities are leading business centres and the preferred headquarter locations of leading TNCs Global service centres, specialising in advanced producer services such as finance, banking, accounting, law and advertising Major telecom, information and transport hubs Magnets for highly educated, skills workers, and are often home to world class universities Political and cultural impacts; hosting international sporting events, and supporting a wide range of performing arts venues as well as renowned museums and galleries Mega Cities:- Regional or national influence- Total population in excess of 10million people- Distinguished from global cities by their rapid growth, new forms of spatial density of population, formal and informal economies, as well as poverty, crime and high levels of social fragmentation- 2011 = 21 mega cities in existence - such as Mumbai and Mexico CityMillionaire Cities:- A city with over a million inhabitants - Generally found in MEDCS, such as London (7,753,600) and New York (8,363,710)- With the increase in globalisation they have also spread in to LEDCs, often at major trading ports, or areas that are become economic hubs - such as Mumbai and Shanghai

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