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AP US History 1430-1775 Timeline

1650 and earlier

1430: Portuguese start voyages down the west coast of Africa

1492: Columbus arrives in Western Hemisphere

1509-1547: Henry VII rules England; Protestant reformation begins in England

1558-1603: Reign of Queen Elizabeth; I Ireland conquered by England

1607: Jamestown founded

1612: Tobacco made a profitable crop by John Rolfe

1619:First group of blacks brought to Virginia; First legislative assembly meets in Virginia

1620: First Pilgrims in Plymouth

1622: Indian attacks in Virginia end hopes of becoming a bi-racial society

1629: Great Puritan migration to Massachusetts Bay

1636: Harvard founded


1676: Bacon's Rebellion

1686: Creation of Dominion of New England

1688: Glorious Revolution in England

1700: 250,000 settlers in English colonies

1704: First colonial newspaper

1720s: Colonial economic life quickens

1739-1744: Great Awakening

1756-1763: French and Indian War


1763: Proclamation Line established

1763-1764: Pontiac's Rebellion

1764-1765: Sugar Act and Stamp Act Controversies

1766: Declaratory Act

1767: Townshend Act, New York Assembly suspended

1770: Boston Massacre

1772: Committees of Correspondence formed

1773: Boston Tea Party

1774: Coercive Acts, First Continental Congress convenes

1775: Revolution begins with fighting at Lexington and Concord

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