Ch. 2: The Chemical Context of Life Notes


Outline and notes on Ch.2: The Chemical Context of Life. Created on 6 September, 2017. By Emma Cress. Information taken from Biology, eigth edition, campbell and reece.
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2.1 Matter consists of chemical elements in pure form and combinations called compound s. Elements and Compounds (Pg. 31) Essential elements of life. (Pg. 32)

2.2 An elements properties depend on the structure of its atoms. Subatomic particles (pg. 32) Atomic number and atomic mass (pg. 33) Isotopes (pg. 33)  The energy levels of electrons (pg. 35) Electron distribution and chemical properties (pg. 35) Electron orbitals (pg. 36)

2.3 The formation and function of molecules is dependent on chemical bonding between atoms. Covalent bonds (pg. 38) Ionic bonds (pg. 39) Weak chemical bonds (pg. 40) Hydrogen Bonds (pg. 40) Van Der Waals Interactions (pg. 40) Molecular shape and function (pg. 41)

2.4 Chemical reactions make and break chemical bonds.

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2.1 Matter Consists of Chemical Elements in Pure Form and Combinations Called Compounds

Vocabulary: Matter -- Element --  Compound --  Trace Elements -- 

Outline: Elements and Compounds   Essential Elements of Life  

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2.2 An Elements Properties Depend on the Structure of its Atoms

Outline: Subatomic Particles   Atomic Number and Atomic Mass   Isotopes   The Energy Levels of Electrons   Electron Distribution and Chemical Properties   Electron Orbitals  

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2.3 The Formation and Function of Molecules Depends on Chemical Bonding Between Atoms

Outline: Covalent Bonds Ionic Bonds Weak Chemical Bonds Hydrogen Bonds Van Der Waals Interactions Molecular Shape and Functions

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2.4 Chemical Reactions Make and Break Chemical Bonds

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