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Testing A Leaf For Starch - Chapter 13-Photosynthesis 1. Set up as shown 2. Put leaf in boiling water to kill it 3.Put in methylated spirit in test tube 4. Rinse in hot water to soften leaf 5. Put on white tile 6. Add iodine 7. Leaf turns blue/black if starch present
Presence Of Micro-organisms in Air - Chapter 20 - Microbiology 1. Remove lid and expose agar to air for 15 minutes 2. Replace the lid 3. Leave one agar plate unopen (Control) 4. Use marker to label each plate 5. Place upside down in incubator(2 days) 6. Remove and examine 7. Fungi and bacteria colonies will grow
Presence Of Micro-organisms in Soil - Chapter 20 - Microbiology 1. Put fresh soil on agar plate then replace 2. Put sterile soil on agar plate then replace and label both plates with marker 3. Leave both plates in lab for week (the sterile soil is the control) 4. Fungi and bacteria colonies were present
To Measure the Percentage of Oxygen in Air - Chapter 31 - Air 1. Place copper in the silica glass tube 2. Connect two syringes 3. Heat copper in tube strongly 4. Pass air from one syringe to another 5. Allow to cool and measure 6. 21% of the air is oxygen
To Show the Presence of Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide in Air - Chapter 31 - Air 1. Set up as shown 2. Put strip of blue cobalt chloride paper in the first test tube 3. Place limewater in second tube 4. Turn on suction pump 5. Limewater turns milky and blue turns to pink
To Prepare Oxygen Gas - Chapter 31 - Air 1. Place dilute hydrogen peroxide in tap funnel 2. Place small amount of manganese dioxide into the flask 3. Slowly add the hydrogen peroxide to the manganese dioxide 4. Collect the oxygen gas under water 5. Slide gas jar cover over mouth of the gas jar to trap the gas 6. Water and Oxygen forms
To Investigate the Properties of Oxygen - Chapter 31 - Air 1. Light a wooden splint 2. Blow it out so that it is still glowing 3. Remove stopper and quickly insert splint 4. Oxygen relights a glowing splint
To Show that Carbon Dioxide is Denser than Air - Chapter 31 - Air 1. Place a lightning "nite-lite" into the "empty" gas jar 2. Gently pour the carbon dioxide from the other gas jar onto the nite-lite 3. Carbon Dioxide is Denser than Air
To Show the Composition of Water by Electrolysis - Chapter 32 - Water 1. Set up as shown 2. Fill with water which contains a small amount of acid 3. Switch on the current 4. Place a lighted taper over the tube with the greatest amount of gas. Open the tap 5. Repeat with a glowing splint over the other tube
To Verify Ohm's Law 1. Set up as shown 2. Record the current and voltage 3. Adjust power pack voltage and record the current and voltage again 4. Repeat to find at least six voltages and corresponding currents 5. At constant temperature, the voltage is always proportional to the current in a circuit
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