Energy Metabolism


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What is Ghrelin? the hormone responsible for feeling hungry.
What is Leptin? The hormone responsible for feeling full or non-hungry; opposes ghrelin.
How much ATP is needed for a 70kg person per day? About 70kg.
What process converts fats (fatty acids) into AcetylCoA? B-oxidation.
What process converts sugars (glucose) into AcetylCoA? Glycolysis.
What cycle uses AcetylCoA to provide electrons to NAD and FADH, and also produces some ATP? The Citric Acid cycle. (Krebs cycle, TCA cycle)
How does fluoroacetate poison the CACycle? Fluoroacetate is metabolised to fluorocitrate by citrate synthase. Fluorocitrate inhibits aconitase, which catalyses the conversion of citrate to isocitrate (an integral step of the CAC).
What happens when the concentration of ADP in the mitochondrial matrix decreases? Since O2 consumption, ATP synthesis and electron transport are all tightly coupled, if ADP is decreased, the electron flow is slowed, therefore the H+ pumping is also slowed, therefore less oxygen is consumed as the terminal electron acceptor.
How much of each product is formed after one round of B-oxidation? 1 NADH + 1 FADH2 + 1 Acetyl-CoA
What can be done with pyruvate? It can enter any of three pathways, depending upon conditions: anaerobic glycolysis; aerobic oxidation, the CAC and oxidative phosphorylation; and anaerobic alcoholic fermentation.
How is gluconeogenesis activated? At low blood glucose concentrations, glucagon secretion rises, thus cAMP levels rise, which increases enzyme phosphorylation, so FBPase is activated and PFK2 is inactivated. This decreases F2 and P6, which inhibits and activates PFK2 and FBPase, respectively. This c
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