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A guide to options for distributing GoConqr Courses
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Course Distribution Options

Simple and effective distribution channels Every organisation has different learning and training requirements based on content, infrastructure, audience and more. At GoConqr we’ve developed a number of different solutions for distributing learning material and assessing performance to meet your needs. All public courses are automatically included in our searchable library of resources. You can make it easier for other members to find your course by giving it an appropriate title, description, and tags. Don't want to share your course with others? Simply upgrade to a premium account to keep your content private. You may want to share your course with users who are not GoConqr members, or you may require performance reporting. We have several different solutions to allow you to distribute courses and monitor progress, including SmartLinks, SmartEmbeds and GoConqr Campus.      

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What are SmartLinks? SmartLinks enable you to send training material (any GoConqr resource or course) securely via email and get reporting on each unique users’ interaction and scoring . When should I use SmartLinks? SmartLinks are ideal when you have a mailing list of users and you wish to distribute content securely and assess learning progress. Users do not need to be GoConqr members to access the content created using GoConqr tools. They can simply click on a link and access the Course in a web browser or on the GoConqr mobile app. What are SmartLinks good for? Clients use SmartLinks for many purposes including company and product knowledge updates and assessment, tracking knowledge growth over time, and candidate pre-screening. What do I get with SmartLinks? In addition to all the features of a GoConqr premium account, you get  the ability to send content links via email to anyone. You can get reports and scores on consumption of all courses and quizzes.  You can save sharelists for easy user management, distribution, and reporting. How do I get SmartLinks? SmartLinks are included in the SmartShares Plan.

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What are SmartEmbeds? SmartEmbed enable you to embed GoConqr Quizzes and Courses on your website and get reporting on users’ interaction and scoring . When should I use SmartEmbeds? SmartEmbeds are ideal when you have your own website/page that you want visitors to access learning content through. What are SmartEmbeds good for? Clients use SmartEmbeds for many purposes including competency testing and in-house assessments, pre- and post-course knowledge assessments, and lead generation. What do I get with SmartEmbeds? In addition to all the features of a GoConqr premium account,  you can add data capture forms to quizzes and courses to acquire user details. You can embed a course in a frame or generate a link. Resources are free from GoConqr branding. You can get reports and scores on consumption of Courses and Quizzes, due to the data capture form. How do I get SmartEmbeds? SmartEmbeds are included in the SmartShares Plan.

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GoConqr Campus

What is GoConqr Campus? Go Conqr Campus is a  secure, private, portal on GoConqr for content creation and sharing, discussions and reporting. You can create Campus exclusive Groups, you can make Campus wide announcements, and you can award certificates for successful course completion. When should I use GoConqr Campus? When you want to place learning and knowledge share at the heart of your organisation or institution What is GoConqr Campus good for? Clients use GoConqr Campus for knowledge share across teams, for ongoing company training programs, and for remote training. What do I get with GoConqr Campus? You get a branded campus portal with private campus groups  for knowledge share, reports on cconsumption of Courses and Quizzes, and the ability to send SmartLinks to Campus members. How do I get GoConqr Campus? If you have at least 10 users, you can sign up to a GoConqr Campus plan.

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GoConqr Marketplace

***COMING SOON*** Soon we will be offering GoConqr premium members the opportunity to sell their Courses on the GoConqr Marketplace. Keep creating great content and stay in touch for more information.

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