Understanding the Effects of Customer Service


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    What is good customer service?
    Good customer service is important in providing a good customer experience. There are four main aspects to good customer service: Friendliness – greeting customers and showing courtesy and politeness is important in making them feel welcome. Empathy – the customer needs to know that the service provider appreciates their wants and circumstances. Fairness – the customer wants to feel they receive adequate attention and reasonable answers. Information – customers want to know about products and services but in a pertinent and time-sensitive manner. It's important to show product information and knowledge.

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    Effects of good customer service:
      Increased business and profits​​​​​​​ Customer loyalty Staff motivation and career progression Competitive advantage Reduced customer dissatisfaction and complaints​​​​​​​ Improved mystery shopper reports and consumer reviews

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    What is bad customer service?
      Not listening to customers Negative body language Lack of responsiveness Ignorance Failing to meet customer expectations Poor attitude Poor appearance and presentation Unclean and untidy displays Poor signage

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    Effects of bad customer service:
    Reduced profit   Poor reputation ​​​​​​​ Reduced customer loyalty   Increased customer complaints   Reduced staff morale
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