Summer Learning Loss & How To Prevent It


Summer Learning Loss can be a real pain for parents and teachers alike. Try these fun and friendly ways of overcoming it.
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Summer Learning Loss & How To Prevent It
  1. Work Experience: What betetr way to earn a few dollars and learn the ropes in the working world than by getting a few hours work per week.
    1. Voluntter: Volunteering will leave you with an enormous sense of well-being and will help you develop responsibility.
      1. University Life: Consider enrolling in a summer session at your nearest university and get a taste for University. Here you can get a head start on your class mates and brush up on areas that need some help.
        1. Stay Informed: Watch a news article at least once a day or read a passage from a local journal. Radio discussions and podcasts are great ways of keeping the mind busy.
          1. Use Onine Tools: Tools like ExamTime are perfect for learning any time any place. There are no time restraints or access issues just login in and access all your notes.
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