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    10 Jobs for the Future and What to Study
    65% of current students will end up in jobs that haven't even been invented yet!!10 years ago, Steve Jobs had only just recently set up Apple. Now it is one of the largest companies in the world, hiring people from all around the globe.We aim to outline some of the jobs for the future and how you can prepare for them. 

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    #1. Corporate Disrupter
    Many large companies are incorporating the small start-up ethos of prioritizing fresh ideas without a hierarchical structure. Such an open structure allows start-ups to adapt and change easily, something that large organisations struggle with. Overcoming rigid structures could be an obstacle for many companies - an obstacle that would require a Corporate Disrupter. A Corporate Disrupter would be an expert in implementing organised chaos in large corporations.  
    What to Study?Business AdministrationStay tuned to all the business news and trends in the business world. Experience as an entrepreneur and in a start up would be essential. 

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    #2. Food Chemist
    A food chemist is a professional in developing and improving the taste and texture of food. Thanks to 3-D printers (which can print ANYTHING), this business is expected to have a boom. 
    What to Study?Knowledge and experience in chemistry and kitchen would go a long way. Essential to keep up-to-date with the technology and culinary trends

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    #3. Animal Migration Engineer
    The spread of human civilization has negatively impacted natural habitats.Moving animals from these habitats to new, similar or artificial habitats may be the only way to save them from extinction.An Animal Migration Engineer would find out which species migrate, where they migrate to and make an 'assisted migration'. What to StudyKnowledge in engineering and biology, but primarily keeping an eye on Biology trends

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    #4. Virtual Currency Speculator
    Many currencies are losing credibility and gaining distrust during economic and financial crisis', giving virtual currencies a chance to shine. Even if the economies do settle down, virtual currencies are still the way forward. This is creating a whole new area for investment, with the most popular virtual currency being Bitcoin. 
    What to Study?Knowledge in financial markets as well as new technologies, currencies and online payment methods

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    #5. Technology Detox Expert
    Everyone knows how addictive technology is. People are glued to their phones even on nights out and around the dinner table, and this trend is only on the rise.This could lead to , in extreme cases, a technology detox therapist. Someone who is an expert in separating people from their technology lives and implementing strategies to control your usage of technology. What to Study?Psychology and expertise in technology.

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    #6. Hackschooling Expert
    A teacher who encourages their students to explore and experience possibilities of technology, rather than follow in the footsteps of a traditional education path. With technology rapidly developing, there are endless possibilities down the line of education opportunities. 
    What to Study?Knowledge of teaching and, above all, an awareness of trend in educational technology. 

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    #7. Digital Architects
    A major use of new technology is in transforming existing careers by changing the way people do things. One such example is the effect new technologies are having on Architecture. Digital design gives architects a new ability to control and create designs using technology. What to Study?A degree in architecture, a passion for new technologies and an up-to-date knowledge of industry trends. 

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    #8. Specialist in Foetus Medicine
    Doctors specializing in foetuses are trying to cure diseases before the baby is born, before there is irreversible damage to the foetus.Undoubtedly, this would be one of the greatest advances in medicine.  
    What to Study?Study medicine and specialize as much as possible in the area of foetus development. 

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    #9. Privacy Advisor
    One of the challenges of the internet is protecting the users privacy. Privacy Advisors is a future profession where they may be required to discover new ways and protect individuals from vulnerabilities while using the internetWhat to Study? Computer skills and programming, as well as technological advances. 

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    #10. Personal Curator of Content
    A Content Curator is like a personal assistant that recommends certain apps, hardware, software and information based on your interests and preferencesWhat to Study?Stay tuned to blogs and new applications. Have a blog of your own and be active in social network. 
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