My SMART School Year Goals for 2015


These are my personal SMART goals for this school year. I am in my final year at university so want to push myself to achieve my dream grades.
Stephen Lang
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Stephen Lang
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My SMART School Year Goals for 2015
    1. Ask Questions
      1. Who?
        1. What?
          1. Where?
            1. Why?
            2. Skills
              1. Communication
                1. Presentations
                  1. Class Participation
                    1. Group Work
                      1. Written Assignments
                    2. Study
                      1. Understand Learning Style
                        1. Regularly Test Myself
                          1. Create Quizzes
                            1. Build Flashcard Decks
                            2. Focus on Actively Learning
                              1. Engage in Study Material
                                1. Create Mind Maps
                                  1. Reinforce Understanding
                                    1. Develop Concepts
                                    2. Spend Less Time Passively ReadingNotes
                                  2. Social
                                    1. Join More Clubs & Societies
                                      1. Rowing Club
                                        1. Technology Society
                                          1. Gaming Society
                                      2. MEASURABLE
                                        1. What Does Success Mean to me?
                                          1. Above Average Class Marks for Participation
                                            1. Feeling Comfortable to Present to a Group
                                              1. Scoring Above 70%
                                            2. Being Committed to My Study Routine
                                              1. Finding Learning Methods Which Work for Me
                                                1. Trying New Ways To Learn
                                                  1. Enjoying Learning New Information
                                                2. Finding Something I LOVE to do in my spare time!
                                                  1. Meeting New People I connect with
                                                  2. Achieving my Dream Grades!
                                                    1. Can I Measure My Goals?
                                                  3. ACHIEVABLE
                                                    1. Study Motivation
                                                      1. Stay Focused
                                                        1. Keep My Study Goals Close
                                                        2. Avoid Distractions
                                                          1. Phone, Friends, Facebook
                                                            1. Organise Study Area
                                                          2. Actionable Steps
                                                            1. 1. Build Extensive Notes For Each Topic
                                                              1. 2. Understand Overall Picture with Mind Maps
                                                                1. 3. Test Myself on Areas Learned with Quizzes & Flashcards
                                                            2. Aspirational
                                                              1. 10% Higher Grades Than last year
                                                                1. Above Average Class Marks
                                                                  1. Spend More Time Studying Less Favourite Subjects
                                                                    1. Consumer Behaviour
                                                                      1. Economics & Policy
                                                                  2. REALISTIC
                                                                    1. No Excuses!
                                                                      1. I Know I can Improve my Grades
                                                                        1. Let's Do This!!!
                                                                    2. TIMELY
                                                                      1. Breakdown my Goals into Manageable Chunks
                                                                        1. Outline Projects, Presentations & Other Activities for Each Subject
                                                                          1. Re-evaluate in December
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