SMART School Year Goals


It's a new school year so time to set goals for the year ahead! SMART goals will ensure you start off on the right track. Use this as a template and come up with your own SMART goals.
Alice McClean
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Alice McClean
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SMART School Year Goals


  • Start the school year off on the right foot by setting SMART goals for yourself. Do something you've always wanted to do, set your eyes on the prize and make it happen, you'll feel so accomplished at the end.  Use this Mind Map as a template for setting your own SMART goal. 
    1. Who?
      1. Who is involved?
      2. What?
        1. What do I want to accomplish?
        2. Where?
          1. In or outside the classroom?
          2. When?
            1. Establish a date/time that you want to achieve your goals by.
            2. Which?
              1. Requirements? Constraints?
              2. Why?
                1. Purpose, reasons and benefits of reaching your goals.
              3. MEASURABLE
                1. Establish criteria for measuring progress
                  1. Stay on track
                    1. Reach your target dates
                      1. Enjoy each small wins along the way to your overall goal
                        1. How will you know that you've accomplished your goal?
                          1. How much? How many?
                            1. Milestones/Benchmarks
                            2. ATTAINABLE
                              1. Characteristics
                                1. Attitudes
                                  1. Skills
                                    1. Abilities
                                      1. Finances
                                        1. Belief
                                          1. Self-image
                                          2. Push yourself
                                            1. Reach
                                            2. REALISTIC
                                              1. Objective
                                                1. Willing to work towards
                                                  1. Able to work towards
                                                  2. Believing that goal can be achieved
                                                    1. What conditions need to be in place?
                                                      1. Important to you
                                                      2. TIMELY
                                                        1. Clear time frame
                                                          1. Gives a sense of urgency
                                                            1. Pick a specific end date
                                                              1. Also for tangible
                                                                1. More easily specific and measurable.
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