Transition Metals Mind Map


Part of our series of Transition Metals and the Periodic Table, this mind map provides an overview of the properties of Transition Metals in an easy to grasp, visual manner.
Niamh Ryan
Mind Map by Niamh Ryan, updated more than 1 year ago
Niamh Ryan
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Transition Metals Mind Map
  1. Malleable
    1. Can be bent or hammered into shape
    2. High melting points
      1. With the exception of mercury
      2. Good conductors of electricity and heat
        1. Can form ions with different charges
          1. For example, copper can form a +2 or +3 ion
            1. This allows them to be used as catalysts
              1. Iron in Haber process
                1. Nickel in the manufacture of margarine
            2. Less chemically reactive than alkali metals
              1. Form coloured compounds
                1. Found in the middle section of the periodic table
                  1. Examples
                    1. Copper
                      1. Often blue
                      2. Iron
                        1. Iron II is green
                          1. Iron III is brown
                          2. Titanium
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