9G Navarro Chemistry


Mind Map on Chemistry, created by reinier.navarro0 on 13/07/2016.
Reinier Navarro
Mind Map by Reinier Navarro, updated more than 1 year ago
Reinier Navarro
Created by Reinier Navarro almost 8 years ago

Resource summary

9G Navarro Chemistry
  1. Biochemistry
    1. Medicine
      1. Genetics
        1. Forensics
      2. Inorganic Chemistry
        1. Geoscience
          1. Toxins
            1. Nuclear
            2. Organic Chemistry
              1. Polymer/s
              2. Physical Chemistry
                1. Physics
                  1. Mechanics
                    1. Thermodynamics
                      1. Electricity
                    2. Analytical Chemistry
                      1. Math
                        1. Pure
                          1. Applied
                          2. Analysis
                            1. Qualitative
                              1. Quantitative
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