The dancer in training


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The dancer in training
  1. The dancer requires the improvement of the following main areas of basic body fitness:
    1. Alignment
      1. This is what a person looks like when they are extending their leg or jumping in the air and NOT how high they can do this
      2. Flexibility
        1. Strength and stamina
          1. Strength is the capacity to exert a muscle contraction against resistance
            1. There are 2 types of strength: Isotonic, Isometric
              1. Isotonic - this is a dynamic resistance when the muscle shortens or lengthens
                1. Isometric - this is a static resistance during which the muscle tension increases but DOESN'T lengthen or shorten
              2. Stamina is the endurance of the heart, muscles and breathing
                1. Stamina is needed to maintain a high standard of technique and performance. Stamina ensures that the heart and lungs are able to get through the blood, to enable them to function at their maximum capability
              3. Coordination
                1. General body maintainace
                2. Important bones

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