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How many bones in the human skeleton? How many in axial skeleton? How many in appendicular skeleton? 206 80 126
How many Vertebrae? Cervical? Thoracic? Lumbar? Sacral? Coccygal? 26 or 33 7 12 5 5 into 1 4 into 1
Forearm lateral bone? Forearm medial bone? How many _______ in each hand: Carpels? Metacarpels? Phalanges? Ulna Radius 8 5 14
How many _____ in each foot? Tarsals? Metatarsals? Phalanges? 7 5 14
Which joint has a synovial cavity, dense irregular tissue of articular cartilage and often ligaments? Synovial Joint
Which joint has no cavity just fibrous connective tissue? Fibrous Joint
Which joint has bones held together by cartilage? Cartilaginous joint
Which joint type: is immovable? has slight movement? has free movement? Fibrous Cartilaginous Synovial
Name the fibrous joints; Between tibia and fibula (at the ankle)? Tooth and socket of alveolar process? Skull? Syndesmosis Gomphosis Sutures (coronal and squamous)
What cartilage are cartilaginous bones joined by? Hyaline (synchondroses) OR Fibrous cartilage (symphyses)
Where are cartilaginous joints found? 3 examples Ribcage Coxae Vertabrae
Which of these joints are synchondrosis or symphysis or both: Rib cage? Epiphyseal plate? Pubic symphysis? Synchdrosis Both Symphysis
Which of these joints contain hyaline and which contain fibrocartilage? Epiphyseal plate? Pubic Symphysis? Intervertebral Articulation? Hyaline Fibrocartilaginous Fibrocartilaginous
Name some of the structures of a synovial joint (9 listed in answer): Joint cavity Joint capsule Synovial membrane Articular Cartilage Menisci Ligaments Bursae Tendon sheath Fat pad
State the function of the structures below: Synovial fluid? Menisci? Bursae? Nourishes joint and reduces friction between moving surfaces Shock absorber and protection Facilitate movement of tendons
Which part of the synovial joint does the tendon sheath not cover? Articular cartilage
Name the 6 types of synovial joints. Planar Hinge Pivot Condyloid Saddle Ball and Socket
Name 2 pivot joints. Atlantoaxial joint Radioulnar joint
Name the motions of the synovial joints: Flat bones moving across each other? Decrease in angle between articulating bones? Increase in angle between articulating bones? Bending beyond 180°? Gliding Flexion Extension Hyperextension
Name the motions of the synovial joints: Movement away from bone midline? Movement towards bone mindline? Movement of distal end in circle? Bone revolves around its own longitudinal axis? Abduction Adduction Circumduction Rotation
Name the following special movements: Lift upward? Downward movement? Movement Forward? Movement back to anatomical position? Elevation Depression Protraction Retraction
Name the following special movements: Moves of soles medially? Moves of soles laterally? Bending of foot towards dorsum? Bend foot toward plantar surface? Inversion Eversion Dorisflexion Plantar
Name the following special movements: Movement of forearm so palms face forward or upward? Movement of forearm so palms face backward or downward? Supination Pronation
What is the most common form of joint disease? What is it often misclassified as and why is this a misclassification? Degenerative joint disease (DJD) Osteoarthiritis because there is no primary inflammation
Name the type of arthritis: Occurs from infection can be transferred from joint to joint? Can occur secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis, usually affecting spine or large joints? Suppurative arthritis Tuberculosis arthritis
Name the type of arthritis: Possible evidence that iron in blood is toxic to chondrocytes leading to degeneration? General CT disorder but its more pronounced in joints. Autoimmune reaction results in development of collagen. Produce blood protein called rheumatoid factor? Haemophilia arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis
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