The bones in the body


The a-level bones check for GCSE ones and remove which ones you don't need in your own space after pinning it.
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The bones in the body
  1. This is arranged to show which bones articulate around a joint for ease of use
    1. Other bones that don't fit articulating are on a separate section in the mind map with where they are as well.
      1. Duplicated names does not mean that there are two of that bone just that it articulates at both those joints with the exception of the phalanges.
      2. Ankle
        1. Tibia
          1. Fibula
            1. Calcaneus
              1. Talus
              2. Knee
                1. Tibia
                  1. Femur
                    1. Patella
                    2. Elbow
                      1. Ulna
                        1. Radius
                          1. Humerus
                          2. Wrist
                            1. Ulna
                              1. Radius
                                1. Carpals
                                2. Ilium(HIP)
                                  1. Ilium
                                    1. Femur
                                    2. Non-Articulating Bones
                                      1. Chest
                                        1. Sternum
                                          1. Ribs
                                            1. Clavicle
                                            2. Back
                                              1. Vertabrae
                                            3. Hand
                                              1. Carpals
                                                1. Metacarpals
                                                  1. Phalanges
                                                  2. Feet
                                                    1. Tarsals
                                                      1. Metatarsals
                                                        1. Phalanges
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