Demand management and customer service


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Demand management and customer service
  1. Inbound-to-operations logistics systems
    1. Activities and process that procede and facilitate value-adding activities.
    2. Demand management
      1. Focus efforts to estimate and manage customer's demand, with the intention of using this information to shape operating decisions.
      2. Supply-Demand Misalignment
        1. Forecasting
          1. Amount of product that will be purchased by consumers.
            1. Long-term forecasts
              1. Midrange forecasts
                1. Short-term forecasts
              2. Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
                1. Order Fulfillment
                  1. Information sharing
                    1. Decision making
                      1. Performance measures
                        1. Technology
                        2. Order-Management System
                          1. Receive order
                            1. Enter order
                              1. Check credit
                              2. Order cycle
                                1. 1. Order Placement
                                  1. 2. Order processing
                                    1. 3. Order Preparation
                                      1. 4. Order Shipment
                                      2. Customer Service
                                        1. Customer Service as an activity
                                          1. Customer Service as performance measures
                                            1. Customer Service as a philosophy
                                            2. Elements of Customer Service
                                              1. Time
                                                1. Dependability
                                                  1. Communications
                                                      1. Convenience

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