The Five Pillars of Islam


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The Five Pillars of Islam
  1. The Shahada
    1. The statement of faith
      1. There is no god but God, and Muhammed is his prophet
      2. By repeating the shahada, followers affirm their belief in one God
        1. And in Muhammed as the person who gave the most complete revelation about this God
        2. Number 1
        3. The Salat
          1. Fixed form of prayer
            1. Facing in the direction of Mecca
              1. Repeated 5 set times a day
            2. Friday an important day for the congregational prayer
              1. Number 2
              2. The Zakat
                1. Giving 2.5% of one's income each year to the community of
                  1. Poor
                    1. Sick
                      1. Aged
                        1. Other forms of charity are constant in a Muslim's life
                        2. Number 3
                        3. The Sawm
                          1. Period of fasting
                            1. From sunrise to sunset
                            2. During Ramadan
                              1. Ninth month of the Muslim calendar
                                1. Month in which the Qur'an was revealed to Muhammed
                              2. Number 4
                              3. The hajj
                                1. Requirement for Muslims to make a pilgrimage to Mecca
                                  1. At least once in their lifetime
                                    1. If possible
                                  2. Number 5
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