Minimum Wage Act


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Minimum Wage Act
  1. How can I project the expenses over the next 5 years?
    1. Do I have salary/pay ranges?
      1. If no, create a structure
        1. Where do I find competitive Comp info?
        2. If yes, is it up to date?
        3. What are my hiring projections for the foreseeable future?
          1. How do I create a staffing plan?
        4. Can I afford the new minimum wage
          1. No
            1. Reduce Services?
              1. Which services do I eliminate
                1. Which empls perform these services?
                2. Do I need a re-training program
                3. Reduce Staffing
                  1. Lay off?
                    1. How will I choose who to let go?
                      1. What criteria will I use for who to lay off?
                        1. Do I have a record of past performance
                      2. How will I know if I have an adverse impact?
                        1. How will I manage employee notifications?
                        2. Can I reduce HC by attrition only?
                          1. How do I determine which positions to replace and which to leave open?
                        3. Implement a different method or inexpensive technology?
                          1. Do any of these new ways require a different skill set?
                            1. If yes, do I need new job descriptions
                              1. If yes, how do I perform a comp analysis.
                                1. Do I retrain or hire?
                                  1. If retrain
                                    1. Do I need a training program?
                                      1. Do employees have skills needed to be retrained?
                                      2. If hire
                                        1. If hire, create sourcing strategy and hiring plan.
                                          1. Do I lay-off current employees?
                                2. Are people in the correct classification so that I can determine wage requirements?
                                  1. Do I have current relevant job descriptions?
                                    1. Job Review
                                      1. Do I need to reclassify employees?
                                      2. Yes
                                        1. Analyze job descriptions compared to wage requirements.
                                          1. Exempt: Are people within the range?
                                            1. Commission Employees: How does this affect them.
                                              1. Create plan and cost projection for moving people into the correct wage ?
                                            2. No
                                              1. Write job descriptions for each role type.
                                                1. Conduct analysis and create plan and cost projection for moving people into the correct range.
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