1.1.2 Sports Participation Pyramid


THE SPORTS participation
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1.1.2 Sports Participation Pyramid
  1. Opportunities for becoming involved in physical activity
    1. Coaching/Leadership
      1. A good coach needs certain qualities: Motivational skills to encourage performers to succeed. Enthusiasm for the sport they are coaching. Good communication skills to be able to converse with the performer. The ability to analyse performance and give constructive advice.
      2. Officiating
        1. A good official needs certain qualities: A good knowledge of the rules for that particular sport. Good communication skills to ensure their decisions are understood. To be able to remain calm in order to make fair but confident decisions
        2. Volunteers
          1. In elite sport, coaches and officials are rewarded well financially for their efforts. However, at grass roots level volunteers who officiate and coach ensure the activities are able to continue. Many sports clubs also depend upon volunteers to fulfil roles such as club chairman or treasurer.
          1. This is the peak of the pyramid where people are competing at national and international level. Relatively few performers achieve this level
          2. PERFORMANCE
            1. Where specific skills are developed through coaching and competition. Performers are competing at regional level for their clubs.
            2. PARTICIPATION
              1. When young people start to enjoy a specific activity and participate in it regularly. E.g. Attending an extra curricular sports club.
              2. FOUNDATION
                1. An introduction to the activity. Basic skills are learnt. E.g. Primary PE lessons.
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