Nervous Systems and the Brain - Lecture 1


Undergraduate degree level basic nervous systems
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What does the CNS do? Mediates sensory input and motor output.
What is in the PNS and what does it do? Spinal nerves and cranial nerves. Autonomic nervous system. Carries information into and out of CNS.
What does the sympathetic branch of the ANS control? Fight or flight
What does the parasympathetic branch of the ANS control? Rest and digest
The brain hemispheres are connected by what? Corpus colossum
How many cranial nerves are there? 12
Name a cranial nerve that is: just sensory, just motor, both Sensory - olfactory bulb Motor - hypoglossal nerve (tongue) Both - vagus nerve
How many pairs of spinal nerves are there? 31
What do dorsal roots do? Dorsal roots carry sensory information from spine to brain.
What do ventral roots do? Carry motor information from brain to effector muscle.
What direction is dorsal? Top of head
Where does ventral point? Down to stomach
Where does anterior point? To the front
What is side to middle called? Lateral -> medial
What are the bumps in the brain called? What are the folds in the brain called? Gyrus Sulcus
Describe the movements of the coronal pathway? Anterior to posterior
Describe the movements of the saggital pathway? lateral>medial>lateral
Describe the movements of the axial pathway? Dorsal to ventral
Two types of subcortical brain systems and their functions Basal ganglia (motor skills) Limbic system (olfactory, amygdla(emotion), hippocampus (memory))
How is the brain protected within the skull? Cerebral fluid, meninges (3 layers of protective tissue around the brain and spinal cord)
Two types of cell in the brain Neurons, Glial cells
What part of the neuron is responsible for input? Output? Dendrites, Axon
What are the four types of glial cell? Schwann cell (myelin sheath in PNS), Oligodendrocytes (Myelin in CNS) , Astrocyte (Regulates blood flow), Migroglia (Multiply at injury & debris removal)
What lobe in the brain is responsible for spatial awareness? Parietal Lobe
Which lobe in the brain is responsible for cognitive skills, language and emotion Frontal lobe
Name a function of the cerebellum Fine motor control
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