Customer Service


different areas to consider in customer service
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Customer Service
  1. Personal Presentation
    1. Neat and tidy hair, minimal jewellery
    2. Communication
      1. Listening, helpful, being polite, attitude, tone of voice, clarification/verifying the message
      2. Body Language
        1. Eye contact, demeanour, Facial expressions, tone office, attentive, posture
        2. Complaints
          1. Resolution, problem solving, feedback, stay neutral, keep calm, demonstrate empathy
          2. Cultural Awareness
            1. Language barriers, eye contact, age, language (choice of words), sensitive to other religions
            2. Legislation
              1. Organisational policies, privacy act, financial services act, WWCC
              2. Different methods of interactions
                1. Face to face, telephone, email, live chat
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