Structure of the League of Nations

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Overview of the structure of the league of nations.
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Structure of the League of Nations
  1. The Secretariat
    1. Civil service
      1. Kept records of League meetings
        1. Prepared reports for the different agencies of the League
        2. Had specialist sections
          1. Covered areas such as, health, disarmament and economic matters
        3. The Council
          1. Met often, about five times a year and in emergencies
            1. Permanent members.
              1. In 1920 these were Britain, France, Italy and Japan
                1. Each of these had a VETO
                  1. One permanent member could stop the Council acting even if all other members agreed
                2. Temporary members
                  1. Elected by the assembly for three year periods
                  2. If any disputes arose between members- brought the problem to the council
                    1. Sorted out through discussion before matters got out of hand
                      1. If this did not work- Council could use a range of powers
                        1. Moral Condemnation
                          1. Could condemn aggressor and 'tell it off'
                          2. Economic and Financial Sanctions
                            1. Members of the League could refuse to trade with the aggressor
                            2. Military Force
                              1. Armed forces of member countries could be used against an aggressor
                        2. The Assembly
                          1. League's Parliament
                            1. Every country in League sent a representative to Assembly
                              1. Could recommend action to Council could vote on:
                                1. Admitting new members to League
                                  1. Appointing temporary members of the Council
                                    1. Budget of the League
                                      1. Other ideas put forward by the Council
                                      2. Only met once a year
                                        1. Decisions had to be unanimous
                                        2. Permanent Court of International Justice
                                          1. Key part of League's job of settling disputes between countries peacefully
                                            1. Based at the Hague in the Netherlands
                                              1. Made up of judges from member countries
                                              2. Court would give a decision on a border dispute between two countries
                                                1. Gave legal advice to the Assembly or Council
                                                  1. Had no way of making sure that countries followed its rulings.
                                                  2. The International Labour Organisation
                                                    1. Brought together employers, governments and workers' representatives once a year
                                                      1. Aim was to improve working conditions for people throughout the world
                                                        1. Collected statistics and information about working conditions
                                                          1. Tried to persuade member countries to adopt its suggestions
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