American Revolution


These are the important events that led up to the Declaration of Independence, as taught in my World History class :) Thanks! God loves you!
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American Revolution


  • The American Revolution (1776-1783)
  1. The Townshend Act: colonists had to let British troops live with them
    1. The Tea Act: allowed British East India Company to send tea to U.S for free
      1. The Sugar Act: British put a tax on colonists' sugar
        1. The Boston Tea Party: colonists (Sons of Liberty) dressed up as Native Americans, and dumped tea into Boston Harbor
          1. The Stamp Act: British taxed colonists stamps
            1. The Boston Massacre: protest on The Townshend Acts
              1. Declaration of Independence: independence from Britain, written to the king of Britain (King George III)
                1. The Intolerable Acts: last acts before the war, what stirred up the colonists
                  1. British shut down Boston Harbor
                    1. British took away colonists' rights to assembly
                      1. British officers were tried in England, and let off the hook, if they did anything to the colonists
                  2. Continental Congress: formed to create the Constitution
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