Period 2: Colonial Society


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Period 2: Colonial Society
  1. Structure/hierarchy
    1. plantation owners dominated wealth in South
      1. convicts/paupers involuntarily shipped to Americas
        1. slavery
          1. clerical profession most honored
            1. lawyers/doctors not trained well or respected much
            2. Economy
              1. tobacco, wheat in bread colonies
                1. fishing, shipbuilding, sailing in N colonies
                  1. lumber & naval storage supplies highly valued
                    1. Triangular Trade (Columbian Exchange)
                      1. sustained colonial economy
                        1. mercantilistic policies favored British
                        2. Molasses Act
                          1. prevented colonies from trading with any other countries except GB
                            1. made bc Americans had started trading w/ others bc GB was unable to take in all their products
                          2. Infrastructure
                            1. roads dangerous, inefficient
                              1. reliance on rivers & water bodies
                                1. beginning of intercolonial post system
                                  1. taverns/towns began forming around road/water ways
                                    1. mingling of classes
                                  2. The Great Awakening
                                    1. Rebirth of renewed religious vigor
                                      1. response to Americans' growing secular & political ties in religion
                                        1. old lights: orthodox clergy who were sceptical fo emotions in religion
                                          1. new lights: supported Great Awakening, credited w/ rebirth of American piety
                                            1. Arminianism
                                              1. free will determines fate, not predestination
                                              2. Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield
                                                1. JE: "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God"
                                                2. large outdoor revivals, traveling preachers,
                                                  1. lessening divisions between sects
                                                    1. preachers cross-denominational
                                                    2. more slaves converting to christanity
                                                    3. Salutary Neglect & Its End
                                                      1. england hadn't really been governing the colonies directly
                                                        1. except Molasses act, Navigation acts
                                                        2. colonies developed their own forms of self-gov
                                                          1. Ex: Mayflower compact, House of Burgesses in VA, MD bicameral legis
                                                          2. French & Indian War--- heightened rivalry and contact between GB and colonists
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