League of Nations


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League of Nations
  1. Its aims were to stop wars, encourage disarmament, and make the world a better place
    1. Made up of a committee
      1. a council, which met more regularly to consider crises
        1. a small secretariat to handle the paperwork
          1. a Court of International Justice
            1. a number of committees such as the International Labour Organisation and the Health Committee to carry out its humanitarian work.
            2. Its main strengths was that it had set up by the Treaty of Versailles
              1. it had 58 nations as members by the 1930s
              2. Its main weaknesses were the fact that it was set up by the Treaty of Versailles (which every nation hated)
                1. its aims were too ambitious
                  1. that Germany, Russia and the USA were not members
                    1. that it had no army
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