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review of simple past
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Simple past
  1. Verb To Be
    1. Was
      1. I, he, she, it
        1. wasn't
          1. Was....?
      2. Were
        1. you, they, we
          1. weren't
            1. Were...?
        2. Was/Were DON'T need other verb
          1. They're followed by a noun or adjective
            1. The exception is WAS BORN / WERE BORN
              1. For example: They were in the park (noun). I was happy (adjective)
          2. Other verbs
            1. Regular Verbs
              1. Add -ed at the end
                1. Played
                  1. Danced
                    1. Cleaned
                  2. Irregular verbs
                    1. They change its past form
                      1. Eat - Ate
                        1. Write - Wrote
                          1. Buy - Bought
                        2. Positive Sentences:: s + verb in the past + c
                          1. Negative Sentences: s + didn't + verb in infinitive + c
                            1. Questions: Did + s + verb in infinitive + c +?
                              1. Did they study for the test?
                                1. Yes, they did
                                  1. No, they didn't
                                  2. Did you dance at the party?
                                    1. Yes, I did
                                      1. No, I didn't
                                    2. They didn't study for the exam
                                      1. I didn't dance at the party
                                      2. They studied for the test
                                        1. I danced a ot at the party
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