Regular and Irregular Verbs


Irregular Verbs
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BE WAS / WERE "She was at home last night"
BECOME BECAME "He became interested in sports"
BEGIN BEGAN "We began studying Egypt"
BLEED BLED "She got hurt badly and bled a lot"
BLOW BLEW "He blew so0 hard he threw away my cards"
BREAK BROKE "The dog broke the window"
BRING BROUGHT "He brought his new dog to school"
BUY BOUGHT "I bought the most fashionable pair of shoes to wear at the party!"
CHOOSE CHOSE "She chose the pink dress over the green one"
COME CAME "The boys came late yesterday"
CUT CUT "She was so anxious that she cut her finger accidentally"
PUT PUT "He put his award on the table and smiled"
HIT HIT "They were so angry that they hit each other"
DRAW DREW "His girlfriend drew the most beautiful picture I have ever seen"
DRINK DRANK "They drank soda and coffe with btheir cake"
DRIVE DROVE "He drove too fast and did not respect the traffic signs"
EAT ATE "I had a birthday party yesterday and I ate at least five pieces of cake!"
FALL FELL "The little boy fell down the stairs and got hurt"
FIGHT FOUGHT "The two adults decided not to discuss their problems and fought like little babies"
FORGET FORGOT "I forgot to bring the homework yesterday and my teacher was very angry at me"
FLY FLEW "She flew to Paris last Monday"
GO WENT "We went on a trip for Spring Break"
HAVE HAD "I had such a great time at the meeting"
GROW GREW "She grew up in Manhattan"
KEEP KEPT "He kept his feelings for himself and did not talk about his emotions"
LEAVE LEFT "Mom left the office very early last week"
LOSE LOST "I am very sad as my football team lost the last match"
MAKE MADE "Grandma made a beautiful wooden sign for the door"
PAY PAID "We paid with aour credit card"
RIDE RODE "She rode the bike for at least four hours. She was very excited!"
RUN RAN "They ran the marathon together"
SAY SAID "She said that we had to give her our communication books"
SING SANG "My cousin sang the anthem at the beginning of the assembly"
SLEEP SLEPT "I slept in the sofa last night"
SWIM SWAM "I swam in the pool yesterday morning"
TAKE TOOK "I took the papers to the photocopy shop. I needed more copies"
TEACH TOUGHT "She tought us the simple past tense"
THINK THOUGHT "I thought it was a good idea until I saw her with pink hair"
WIN WON "Germany won the World Cup"
WRITE WROTE "I wrote a poem for my English class"
WEIGH WIGHED "Mr Hoppy weighed the tortoises in his kitchen scales"
STUDY STUDIED "Kids studied for the test"
PLAY PLAYED "My brother played the piano yesterday"
TIDY TIDIED "I tidied my room yeserday. It was a mess!"
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