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Short presentation related to the past simple tense.
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    Caption: : Subject + Verb in simple past + Complement.
    Simple past is used for talking about actions that finished at some point in the past.   I climbed a mountain two years ago.   Also is used to talk about a chain of actions that happened in the past. this morning I had breakfast, grabbed my backpack and headed to the bus stop.

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    Another use for simple past
    If the simple past tense is used altogether with past continuous it means that an action was happening in the past (Past continuous) but it was interrupted by something else (Simple past).   Thomas was driving his car when suddenly a police officer stopped him.  
    Caption: : Vocabulary: Suddenly, Surf the net, Text somebody, altogether.

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    Creating the simple past tense
    Simple past is created by using the following method: Subject + verb in simple past + complement. Geoffrey asked Hellen out yesterday.   For negative sentences we must use the auxiliary did + not (didn't). The main verb of the sentence must be placed in its bare infinitive form. Subject + Aux did not + verb in bare infinitive + complement. Geoffrey didn't ask Hellen out yesterday.   Finally for asking in simple past we must use: Did + Subject + Verb in bare infinitive + complement? Did Geoffrey ask Hellen out yesterday?

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    Simple past verb congugation (irregular)
    For irregular verbs it is a little more complex due to a lack of rules to make the simple past. It is important to practice with these verbs so you are able to learn them by heart and be able to use them properly. Zoom at the image or search for a verbs list so you can start right now.
    Caption: : Blue column bare infinitive/ Red simple past/ Green Past participle.

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    Words that are used with the simple past
    YESTERDAY 5 MINUTES AGO IN 1985 THE OTHER DAY LAST FRIDAY You can use these words at the beginning of the sentence to give an specific time lapse. 
    CONDITIONAL SENTENCES TYPE 2     If I tried to help you, he would learn to be a better person.      
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