The Roman Army


First year English Flowchart on The Roman Army, created by Lara Horgan on 22/02/2017.
Lara Horgan
Flowchart by Lara Horgan, updated more than 1 year ago
Lara Horgan
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Flowchart nodes

  • The Roman Army
  • They wore...
  • Groups 
  • Rules
  • -Steel Helmet-Tunic -Protective VestMade from leather and strips of metal to the front (No armour on back)
  • Armour
  • Their weapons  included...
  • -Javelins-Short Sword-Dagger-Shield (Protection)
  • Legions
  • 4,000 men called legionaries
  • Smaller groups called Centuries
  • 100 men
  • Leaders called centurions
  • Lived in barracks under strict discipline
  • Break the rules= flogged
  • Rebellion led to decimating in the century
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